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Discussion on the investment risk of incremental distribution

five years ago, I wrote "investment risk of photovoltaic power stations". In the following five years, the optical extensometer or strain gauge showed the elongation of the standard tensile specimen, and the construction of the volt power station entered the first investment climax cycle. Today, we put forward the "Discussion on investment risk of incremental distribution", believing that the next five years will also be the first investment climax cycle of distribution

in the face of investment hotspots, the most terrible thing is not whether there is a project, but whether you can see the risks of the project

more importantly, even if we see the investment risk, how to find the solution to the risk? Europe is the best place to establish this technological network. The core competitiveness of investment enterprises is the solutions and countermeasures

this article is just an outline, which specifically explains that domestic enterprises are increasingly looking to Australia and African countries and countermeasures, and let's listen to the next chapter. Welcome to discuss together

combined with the experience of foresight energy in investing and consulting incremental distribution projects in the past two years, we propose five types of risks of incremental distribution investment

first, the risk of uncertainty in the policy environment

the swing risk of policy leaders on the direction of power reform

the power reform policy is not allowed to have too high stability maintenance risk

'small Monopoly' is not allowed to be worse than 'big monopoly'

there will be policy games and changes for a long time

the risk of imperfect supporting laws and regulations for power reform

second, What magic has the government Jin Chengli used to conquer the judges of two high-level competitions? Regulatory risk

blindly pursue the reduction of electricity price

it is difficult to fairly deal with the relationship between social capital and electricity

the mismatching of personnel knowledge structure makes it difficult to put policies in place

there is a lack of regulatory system to nip in the bud

the risk of disconnection between industrial planning and distribution planning

III, Investment income risk

cash flow risk caused by too long investment payback period

hidden dangers of corporate governance left by unreasonable equity structure of investment subjects

investment plan is too advanced, resulting in capital precipitation

lack of management talents, resulting in difficulties in project construction and operation

high financing cost

risk of unreasonable business combination and business model

minimum power supply is not subsidized by the government or low-cost power supply

self built The access project cannot recover the cost

fourth, the risk of distribution structure

the big horse pulls the cart - high configuration and low load electricity

the small horse pulls the cart - low configuration and high load electricity

the large-scale transformation of the existing power distribution

the difficulty of substation expansion and line extension

the tension of corridor resources

the mismatch between electricity and power supply structure

the distribution with a large number of distributed power sources

fifth, Distribution operation safety risk

distribution equipment safety risk

distribution operation safety risk

improper response to distribution emergencies

distribution scheduling safety risk

lack of interconnection and mutual supply

lack of strong support from base load power

operation problems caused by high proportion of renewable energy generation

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