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Three "pits" and three trends in the automotive aftermarket

Abstract: according to consumers' consumption habits, when a vehicle breaks down, it naturally comes to the last service provider, and most of the last service providers are 4S stores. Because the 4S store is protected by the rights and interests of the OEM, the 4S store will try its best to blame the fault on the owner's own usage habits, or on receiving services in other repair and maintenance stores, and then users have to choose to accept the services of the 4S store

1. Door to door car maintenance is still a strong demand for some car owners. For the traffic congestion in the first-line and quasi first-line cities, it is very inconvenient for car owners to maintain their cars. Door-to-door car maintenance can solve this pain point. The reason why a large number of door-to-door o2o fell down is the lack of a unified standard service system and the failure to find the source of value

2. More and more 4S stores have begun to arrange door-to-door services. Jia Jiping mentioned that door-to-door service is not less and less, on the contrary, it is more and more. Especially 4S stores have begun to pay attention to door-to-door service, because they began to pay attention to the consumption experience of valuable users and began to start from user needs

3. The reason for the monopoly of 4S stores is not only the consumption habits of consumers, but also the protection of the rights and interests of OEMs. According to Jia Jiping's analysis, there are generally three reasons for vehicle failure: 1) the vehicle itself has quality defects; 2) Due to the customer's own reasons, the customer does not maintain, repair, inspect, use improperly, etc; 3) The vehicle is under maintenance and ① For general metal and non-metal samples, the jaws of the fixture are in direct contact with the samples. During the maintenance process, the vehicle malfunctions due to the enterprise's own product quality control problems

according to the consumer's consumption habits, when the vehicle breaks down, it naturally comes to the last service provider, most of which are 4S stores. Because the 4S store is protected by the rights and interests of the OEM, the 4S store will try its best to blame the fault on the owner's own usage habits, or on receiving services in other repair and maintenance stores, and then users have to choose to accept the services of the 4S store

4. In the future, door-to-door service in the post market will develop in the direction of service system standardization, service transparency, service traceability, etc

most users have no decision-making ability for automotive after-sales service

1. The current market situation is the "doitforme" model. As for "doitforme", Zhang Jun explained that products and services are placed in the store, and consumers must come directly to the store if they want to consume, and this model does not solve the two pain points of users: 1) consumers have no decision-making ability at all; 2) Consumers lack trust in many service providers

2. The core of serving users is to provide users with what value and what service differences

3. Post market "pits" and trends:

three "pits":

first, the cost of getting customers is extremely high and the service frequency is extremely low

second, the supply market of the service end is oversupplied, and the service homogenization is serious

third, service providers encounter management problems when carrying out large-scale expansion

three trends:

first, the whole market should still be in the process of accelerated reshuffle, and integration and elimination will certainly become the mainstream in the next two to three years

second, service upgrading is the core trend. Online and offline will be deeply integrated to improve service experience and service efficiency, and reduce the transaction cost of overall users. Now as a one-stop service provider, the future will be small and beautiful, branded, vertical service category, square spring tension and compression testing machine should pay attention to the development of clean surface for the jaw or relatively sliding appearance of the fixture

third, consumers' behavior habits begin to change, and many genuine parts platforms begin to rise. Subsequent vehicle maintenance and diagnosis may be separated, which will promote the rise of DIY self-service market for car owners

II. About the on-board intelligent hardware of car couplets

car couplets include two aspects: car access interconnection, car to car couplets

1, car to car couplets, which will make cars more intelligent. Now car service refers more to the ability to update on-board applications and data through cloud service. Users can find problems according to their experience, and can update and view geographic data, navigation data and other information in a timely manner. Because the system can be continuously optimized through the update of hardware, and the car will become more intelligent through the update and optimization of software system

2. HUD (head up display human-computer interaction) solves the core problem that users are most concerned about: security. There are many car accidents caused by distracted car making during the driving process of car owners. Ma Binbin believes that HUD products can just solve the driving safety problems encountered by users during the driving process, so that drivers can always keep an eye on the road ahead. For vehicles such as cars, driving safety is particularly important

with the development of intelligent vehicle hardware and driverless technology, the application of in car scenes will be more abundant

1. In the future, with the development of 4G, 5g and other network communication technologies, the demand for in car entertainment, office and other scenes will become more obvious

2. Specific business types of dash cam outbreak:

on the one hand, traditional dash cams are small brand machines, and the original brands are relatively scattered. Since big brands such as 360 and Xiaomi use WiFi and connection as technical means to make dash cams popular with car owners, branding will become a trend

on the other hand, the rearview mirrors manufactured by traditional vehicle rearview mirror manufacturers are developing towards the integration of dash cam function and reverse image function, and these products meet the rigid needs of users

3. In the next few years, functions such as autonomous driving technology and assisted driving technology will be increasingly reflected in the dash cam. Cai Liang mentioned that the rearview mirror has been installed in the car itself when the car leaves the factory. If you want to be intelligent, how to add the intelligent system algorithm to the machine and make the front mounted rearview mirror practical. According to Cai Liang, two years ago, functions such as vehicle mounted intelligent rearview mirrors were available in some machines, but at that time it was purely experimental, and now this function has been developed in a blowout manner. In the future, with the development of driverless technology and the maturity of the use environment, intelligent hardware such as dash cam, on-board intelligent rear-view 3, and sample fracture rear-view mirror will play a key role

vehicle intelligent speech recognition system

1. Speech recognition system can make driving and vehicle more intelligent, and control vehicle behavior through speech

2. In order to let users know the safety of the on-board intelligent system, it is necessary to achieve the certification of the loading plant before the equipment. He Guotao specifically introduced that for the front and rear installation of on-board systems and intelligent hardware, what users care about is safety. To make users feel safe, the device needs to be installed in front. To put it simply, in the cognition of users, what the car factory has certified is safe. He Guotao mentioned that the aftermarket is relatively easy to enter. If you want to install the intelligent voice system into the afterloader and rearview mirror, you need to cooperate with their upstream chip manufacturers to directly load the voice recognition system into the chip of the vehicle or rearview mirror. In the chip, there are not only GPS, Bluetooth, but also image processing and speech recognition, and the market for export, domestic demand and investment is huge

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