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Talking about the influence of thermal expansion of flame cutting

at present, the application field of flame cutting machine in the domestic market is still very wide. As the most common means of enterprise processing at present, thermal cutting processing has been widely used in all walks of life. The advantages of using thermal cutting lie in the economic processing cost, stable cutting quality, etc, But the biggest disadvantage of thermal cutting is the impact of thermal expansion on cutting accuracy caused by local high temperature during the cutting process. At the moment when the test results come out, what is the impact of thermal expansion on accuracy in the use of CNC flame cutting machine

1. Influence of thermal expansion of flame cutting in huohuaze cobalt nickel new material project

in the actual cutting process, the cutting parts on the whole steel plate are first and then. When the steel plate is just cut, the temperature is close to room temperature, but the cutting speed of parts is very fast, especially when the parts are not very large, the self-locking property of the whole steel plate is smaller when a part is cut, and there is no time for temperature rise and thermal expansion; Or although there is a local temperature rise, the thermal expansion is constrained by the surrounding steel plate at room temperature. At this time, the size of the cut part is more accurate. With the increase of cutting parts, the continuous input of heat, the temperature of steel plate continues to rise, and the amount of thermal expansion also continues to increase. If the slit compensation K is not added with a unilateral thermal expansion compensation amount △ T, the size measured by the re cut part when cooled to room temperature will deviate from the size measured by the first cut part, and the deviation will increase with the increase of the thermal expansion of the steel plate until it tends to balance (that is, the heat input of cutting and the heat dissipation of the steel plate reach a basic balance). This is because the steel plate has different thermal expansion at different temperatures, which leads to the volume change of the steel plate. If the slotting compensation K is not corrected (increase the thermal expansion compensation △ T), the cutting trajectory will not change, so the volume of the cut parts will shrink after cooling, and the size will certainly become smaller

2. Flame cutting actively opens up foreign markets the influence of cutting path selection

another key to ensure the cutting size of parts is the choice of cutting path. If the cutting path is not selected well, it is impossible to cut high-precision parts

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