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The industry standard of warp knitted biaxial base cloth for composite materials passed the discussion

recently, the industry standard seminar of warp knitted biaxial base cloth for composite materials was held in Haining warp knitting industrial park, Zhejiang Province. Liguimei, Deputy Secretary General of China Industrial Textiles Association, lijialu, director of the Institute of composite materials of Tianjin University of technology, liuyonggui, senior engineer of Shandong Fiber Inspection Bureau, and other experts and leaders attended the meeting. Representatives of 10 leading enterprises in the park participated in the discussion

it is reported that the industry standard of warp knitted biaxial base fabric for composite materials is jointly undertaken by the expert committee of China Textile Industry Association and China Industrial Textile Industry Association in accordance with the fgbgy [2006] No. 1093 document of the general office of the national development and Reform Commission and the Zhongfang xieke [2006] No. 26 document of the science and technology development of China Textile Industry Association, It was drafted and formulated by Haining Zhongtian Testing Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang Haining warp knitting industrial park as the leading unit. In order to formulate the lease expiration standard of this industry, Zhongtian testing sent a special person to go deep into the enterprise to understand the production process and product characteristics. The understanding is not consistent. It collected the requirements of relevant technical standards at home and abroad, finally determined the items covered by the standard, carried out a large number of sample tests, and finally determined the quantitative indicators

At the

seminar, experts and enterprise representatives had a heated discussion on the 60 comments summarized in the standard. After more than two hours of discussion, the standard has been revised and will be submitted to the China Industrial Textiles Industry Association for approval in the near future

the formulation of this standard will fill the gap in the domestic standard of warp knitted biaxial base fabric in the field of flexible composites, ensure the product quality of warp knitted biaxial base fabric for composites from the system and system, effectively protect the interests of consumers, and lay a solid foundation for the fair competition and healthy development of the industry

in recent years, Zhejiang Haining warp knitting industrial park has insisted on winning with quality, paying close attention to quality improvement, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, injecting new vitality and vitality into the development of characteristic industries in the park, and gradually transforming Maqiao warp knitting from low-end product manufacturing to high-end R & D, brand and marketing, and from a simple production base to a production service business district

last year, the park seized the opportunity to sign a "entrepreneurship and innovation pairing assistance agreement" with Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, making the warp knitting industry one of the ten key assistance industries in Zhejiang Province. The park accelerates the quality improvement, transformation and upgrading of the warp knitting industry by carrying out the activities of "standard innovation and brand creation", establishing the provincial warp knitting Standardization Technical Committee and warp knitting product testing center, and establishing the wto/tbt/sps early warning notification mechanism and database

the Park Management Committee attaches great importance to policy guidance. According to the policy documents such as "several opinions on promoting the sound and rapid economic development of Haining City", "opinions on the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the city with quality", and "several opinions on the standardization strategy", the park issued the "Implementation Opinions on carrying out the" establishment of standard innovative brands ", carried out the" brand standard construction year "activity for three consecutive years, and arranged nearly one million special funds for standards The guidance and support of quality and brand work, and the reward funds cashed in are used as the special funds for the promotion and use of "Maqiao warp knitting" Zhejiang regional famous brands

in order to better promote the warp knitting industry to occupy the commanding heights of the industry, on the basis of in-depth research, the park, led, guided or participated in the formulation of 12 national and industrial standards, including knife scratch coated fabric, knitted swimwear fabric, polyester knitted fabric, composite base fabric, led, guided or participated by the Zhejiang provincial warp knitting industry Standardization Technical Committee, which settled in the park, improving the voice of the enterprises in the park in the domestic warp knitting industry. The advertising light box cloth enterprises in the park, which account for 95% of the national output, originally caused unbalanced competition and blind development due to the lack of standards and large differences in product quality and price. Haining Zhongtian Testing Co., Ltd. and Maqiao warp knitting industry association formulated and released the alliance standard of flexible light box cloth. At present, the enterprises in the park have transformed the alliance standard 4 and degradable technology into enterprise standards through training, which provides quantitative technical data for effectively controlling quality, preventing external wall insulation, mainly relying on thermal insulation materials as building envelope and solving trade quality disputes. It is reported that after the implementation of the standard, in the trade of light box advertising cloth, the return of goods caused by the dispute over ink-jet performance between the two sides has been significantly reduced, which is expected to reduce the loss of enterprises by more than 1.5 million yuan per year

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