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Discussion on the key points of bamboo wine packaging design II

basic attributes of wine packaging design

as a batch industrial product, wine packaging has the basic attributes of the product, which can not be separated from the influence of factors such as function, structure, material and technology, and will be branded with these influences on the final product. However, because it plays a special role in people's lifestyle and in shaping the catering atmosphere, more humanistic factors are added to the wine packaging. Even a simple wine package cannot be simply positioned to meet the use function. It needs to spend more energy to understand and analyze the owner of drinking and the needs of drinking place and atmosphere. Only when the basic use functions and additional spiritual functions are well satisfied, can it be regarded as a wonderful wine packaging product. Compared with other products, the attributes of wine packaging are mainly reflected in functional attributes, identity attributes and cultural attributes

4.1 functional attributes

the functional attributes of wine packaging are mainly reflected in the realization of the function of wine packaging. As early as the Warring States period, Han Fei pointed out that "if the jade is inappropriate, it is not as good as earthenware". It shows that no matter how valuable the wine containing jade is, if there is no bottom, it cannot be put into water, and its value is not as good as ordinary earthenware. It can be seen that our ancestors realized the value of function in container modeling very early. As today's industrial designers, they should establish a long-term ecological concept, keep the development direction of "green design" in mind at any time, and make full use of the principles of "form fit" and "form combination and arrangement", so as to further explore the possibility of expanding the functional value of packaging with appropriate form structure in the modeling design of wine packaging products, so as to save materials, space and reduce the possibility of resource investment to the greatest extent

4.2 identity attribute

identity attribute is a very important attribute feature of wine packaging. It has a close and inseparable relationship with users, with strong emotional color. It is also one of the main basis of design positioning, and it is a guiding instrument for designers to deal with wine brands and their packaging differentiation. The functional attribute of a product is like a naked person. Only by putting on the coat of identity, can it form differences among many products and give it more connotation

according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, there is a gradual transformation process of human needs from physiology to psychology. At different stages, there are obvious differences in the focus of needs. People who drink strong Baijiu and beer in restaurants and turn to slow drinking a glass of red wine or even high-end red wine are no longer in the stage of physiological and safety needs. With the gradual changes in social, self-esteem, aesthetics, cognition and self realization needs, people are increasingly demanding to adapt to their specific identity and status, and better use performance of wine packaging Humanistic connotation and appropriate appearance form. People are more in pursuit of a high-quality lifestyle with material and spiritual balance. Many people attach great importance to the pursuit of beauty and novelty. Even when buying ordinary daily necessities, they also choose those designs with strong artistic personality. As the packaging part of the coat of wine, buyers or collectors naturally expect to be unique, unique and attractive, especially some middle and upper class people, who choose the packaging form of wine as a collection of art

4.3 cultural attribute

design is a creative activity of social material lifestyle. In other words, all human lifestyles are the embodiment of human culture, but sometimes this cultural embodiment is very obvious and strong, which attracts people's attention; Sometimes it is weak and connotative, which is not easy to be noticed by people. When designers solve and express this series of problems, they reflect the unity of values and behavior, which is the embodiment of a cultural symbol in a certain period. Design is more of an expression of culture: region, humanities, folk customs... The difference is the way in which vision is its form, so that consumers can not only consume materials, but also understand deeper things. This is the key consideration when we design bamboo wine packaging without any damage. Wine packaging design itself comes with a strong message. With the help of the power of cultural inheritance, it can transmit a message and a belief to each other, so as to bring people a higher taste and a healthier lifestyle. Wine packaging design should not only consider the personal preferences of users, but also fully consider the influence of religious belief factors, traditional cultural factors and design value factors, and is also subject to the level of the designer's own cultural literacy and expression ability

5 key points of bamboo wine packaging design

5.1 material factor

material is the material basis for realizing bamboo wine packaging. Without the material properties and processes of bamboo and auxiliary materials, its design can only be an abstract existence, which cannot reflect the significance and value of its existence. As an organic part of packaging, bamboo directly affects the realization of product performance and the exertion of efficacy. Under the same conditions, the specific attributes and meanings of bamboo not only directly affect the sales price of the final wine, but also directly affect the overall recognition and impression of consumers on the wine brand

as a substitute for plastic products and wooden products, bamboo products have unique development advantages. Bamboo fibers are closely arranged, neat, consistent, with a certain degree of toughness and hardness, and the processing process is simple. The unique feeling of bamboo products and the feeling of use are unmatched by plastic and even some wood products

5.2 structural factors

the structure of bamboo is the basis for realizing the packaging function of bamboo wine, and there is a very close causal relationship between the structure and the final packaging shape, which is also the focus of our research. As the outer packaging of wine bottles, its function is basically preset, and our company has given a lot of technical solutions to change at will, and the structure to realize its specific packaging function form is optional. Nature is the basic source of bamboo structural evolution. Designers should carefully and deeply observe bamboo itself, analyze and study its excellent examples that can be used. In the design, we should pay special attention to the analysis of the basic connection methods in the bamboo structure, including the best application of tenon, sliding joint, rigid joint, etc. in the bamboo packaging design, study the relationship between the bamboo structure and shape, the relationship with the structural stability, the relationship with the stress direction, etc., and strive to explore the possibility of designing new structural forms. Designers can choose some unique structural principles and methods to realize their design intention after careful consideration according to the properties of bamboo

5.3 environmental protection factors

now the pollution problem caused by packaging materials is very headache. The main reason is that the packaging line will conduct an impact experiment on the metal at a series of different experimental temperatures (the so-called "series impact experiment"), and then confirm that the materials used to reflect the cold brittleness transition temperature of the material are not environmental friendly, while the packaging used previously was made of natural materials, And directly use the structure of the material to form the package without using adhesives. We should actively study bamboo, a degradable and renewable traditional material, to arouse reflection on environmental issues through product design, strengthen the closeness between people and the environment, and improve people's ecological awareness. In the design, we should simplify the bamboo as much as possible and consume as little energy as possible; Structurally, efforts are also made to simplify the treatment, directly reducing the amount of bamboo; Consider both the display decorative function continuation of wine packaging users and the possibility of final degradation and recycling

6 development and design direction of bamboo wine packaging

as a unique resource in Asia, bamboo has obvious Oriental national characteristics, and mainly grows in southern China, especially Phyllostachys pubescens, which is mainly distributed in Jiangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan and Taiwan. It is widely distributed, with thick rods and good bamboo strips. In terms of ecology, bamboo is a renewable material with short cycle, small growth area, low requirements for land, beautiful appearance and strong environmental regulation function. In addition, it is light and durable, simple processing technology, low cost, and has strong industrialization characteristics and cultural connotation. The slogan of "green engineering" in green packaging design puts forward strict requirements from material selection to process to manufacturing, from design to sales to material recycling. As a contemporary industrial designer, it is undoubtedly a matter of great significance and joy for us to combine our attention to environmental protection and ecological balance with specific wine packaging design details and do some exploratory work

in our bamboo development and design, we try to consider the lightweight of processing and production, so as to save resources and energy. In the modeling design, we should try our best to use the texture, properties and structure of bamboo to complete the product design, and use as few auxiliary materials as possible, such as ink, adhesive, bleach, dye, film coating, etc. We should strive to strengthen the research on bamboo materials and modern technology, organically combine traditional materials, cultural semantics and modern production technology, explore the development and utilization possibilities of different bamboos, different parts of bamboos and different physical states, and strive to create a packaging form that is not only easy to use, but also fresh, simple, elegant, beautiful and fashionable, which is really loved by consumers

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