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A good project management organization can ensure that the project is carried out in an orderly manner according to the scheduled plan, so as to reduce and coordinate the conflicts within and outside the project, and give full play to the work efficiency of the members of the project organization. The informatization project management organization of an enterprise should be composed of personnel from both sides, and its group organization structure is as follows:

enterprise informatization project organization form

2 personnel training for informatization project implementation

for the realization of personnel training and knowledge transfer for enterprise informatization construction, it is necessary to be able to provide comprehensive and authoritative informatization concept and implementation method training for enterprises from the actual situation of the enterprise, So that enterprises can truly grasp the three problems often encountered in the process of informatization construction: what is informatization, why and how to do it. Project implementation consulting companies should help enterprises complete feasible strategic planning for information construction, overall implementation scheme design, and professional IT project supervision and it project evaluation. All these services are crucial in information construction and will directly affect the final success or failure of the entire information project. Enterprises should take the form of multi-mode, multi-channel and multi-level personnel training and technical support to promote the implementation and application of the enterprise's overall informatization strategy. They can not only invite professional training institutions to formulate targeted training plans and programs for enterprises, but also participate in special training for enterprise informatization construction and carry out on-site investigation and experience exchange activities

2.1 personnel training objectives of informatization project implementation

o master the theoretical knowledge of modern enterprise informatization application; Such as the principles, concepts and basic ideas of MRP, MRPII, ERP, SCM, PDM (CPC), CRM, etc

o master enterprise development strategy and it strategic planning methods, such as strategic management, it strategic planning, etc

o master the principles and methods of informatization project management to ensure the effective monitoring of informatization investment

o master the evaluation methods of informatization projects and identify the input-output benefits of the company's projects

o obtain the successful experience reference of the informatization practice model enterprise

2.2 personnel training form of informatization project implementation

in order to truly achieve the effectiveness of training, it is recommended to adopt the classroom teaching method. At the same time, teaching + interactive guidance + Model Learning + research and production orders will also rise in a straight line to discuss the organic combination, and will be properly integrated into the team training, interspersed in the teaching, so as to alleviate the fatigue of long-term lectures, so that students can deepen their understanding in an interactive environment and achieve satisfactory training results

2.3 personnel training mode of informatization project implementation

scheme 1 off-duty training

time arrangement centralized off-duty training

advantages and strong continuity

shortcomings the digestion and absorption effect of knowledge in a short time is not significant

solutions are explained in simple terms, and more exercises to help students recall and digest knowledge are done to enhance the overall coherence

the schedule of the second half off-duty class of the scheme can adopt the method of continuous study for several days, return to work, and continue to study every other week

advantages are conducive to students' in-depth understanding of work after learning

deficiencies if employees take up weekend time, it is inevitable to have resistance

solutions enhance interest, and diversified teaching methods really attract students' interest, which is worth learning

3 performance evaluation of informatization project implementation

in the implementation process of enterprise informatization project, it is necessary to establish the project performance evaluation system, timely evaluate the performance of all personnel involved in the project work, and give corresponding rewards or punishment according to their performance, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the participants, and ensure the smooth progress of the project. The design of the project performance appraisal system should conform to the design idea of the whole enterprise performance appraisal system, and establish more scientific key performance appraisal indicators for the different roles of personnel in different positions in the process of project implementation. At the same time, the appraisal indicators should be connected with the incentive and punishment system in the project appraisal system to fully reflect the fairness and effectiveness of performance appraisal

the president of the European Central Bank said that loose money was still needed to raise the inflation rate to the target level

the design of key indicators of performance appraisal should be considered as fully as possible, and should be able to objectively reflect the comprehensive performance of project members in the process of project implementation. At the same time, try to use some quantifiable indicators to reduce the bias of human subjective consciousness. The project incentive system should be related to the vital interests of the project team members, such as wages, bonuses, training opportunities, promotions, etc., to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of each project team member. The punishment system of the project should be connected with some administrative means. For some negative work, members who are unfavorable to the promotion of the project must take corresponding administrative measures to stop and deal with it, so as to reflect the effectiveness of performance appraisal

4 key factors for the implementation of informatization projects

in order to ensure the success of informatization construction in enterprises, we must pay attention to the following key success factors:

(1) update traditional concepts and understanding, and establish process management ideas

(2) establish an optimized it management organization structure, establish a strong coordination organization for informatization implementation, and clarify the responsibilities of enterprise information supervisors

(3) establish a project organization structure with reasonable hierarchy, complete functions and clear responsibilities. Establish a full-time joint project team composed of consultants and company personnel; Establish a project leading group headed by senior leaders of the company and including the top leaders of relevant business departments, which is guaranteed by the strong support of the company's leaders. Select appropriate personnel from both parties to assume appropriate responsibilities in the project team

(4) establish a strict project management mechanism and process; The clear stage is therefore compact in structure, with objectives and business processing needs, and the scope of the project is strictly controlled; Regularly check the project progress, stage achievements and stage objectives. Establish periodic review mechanism; Establish a strict project quality monitoring and control system

(5) provide different, continuous and sufficient training for personnel at different levels of the company (including training in concepts and methods)

(6) strengthen basic data work

(7) during the implementation of the project, strengthen the training of enterprise users and implement the knowledge transfer from beginning to end. The application and improvement of enterprise informatization project is a long-term process, which cannot only rely on external support. Whether enterprise personnel can fully understand the new management mode and master the system operation is the key to the success or failure of the project. Effective knowledge transfer (from consultants of consulting companies to enterprise personnel) is to help enterprise personnel enhance their capabilities in business process optimization, change management, project management, etc

5 management system for informatization project implementation

in order to ensure the successful implementation of the project, a strict project management system must be established, including:

o plan management

work plan control, consultant implementation time control, reporting and decision-making mechanism, written records of problems, reporting mechanism, regular and irregular meetings, implementation scope control, scope change document content, approval procedures, etc

o performance management

according to the performance appraisal system, the members of the project team and all other personnel involved in the project work will be subject to performance management. In order to meet the needs of domestic aircraft for aluminum lithium alloy, the members who perform well in the project will be rewarded in time according to the corresponding incentive and punishment system, and the members who perform poorly will be warned, criticized, and even punished through certain administrative means

o communication management

establish a good project organization, hold regular and irregular working meetings, and formulate reports and decision-making mechanisms to ensure the effectiveness and smoothness of communication

o scope management

determine the scope of the project and implement it in strict accordance with the SOA agreed by both parties; Determine the scope change and approval procedures; Scope change tracking management, scope change document content

o quality management

quality review, test management, scope change and problem tracking, etc

o document management

review and approval of submitted documents, project management documents, requirements documents, solution documents, requirements change reports and approvals, customization documents and module development documents, test plans and test result reports, phase achievement confirmations, project summary report modules, etc

6 risk control of informatization project implementation

after analyzing the successful experience and lessons of informatization project implementation of domestic chemical industry enterprises, as well as the current situation of enterprise management and information system, and considering the basis of enterprise informatization, we summarize some specific risk factors that enterprises may face in the implementation of informatization projects, and put forward corresponding countermeasures, For the reference of enterprise leaders in the implementation process:

6.1 the support of senior leaders

6.2 the project of the enterprise itself

6.3 information project management

6.4 other aspects of project implementation

in addition, in the process of project construction and implementation, we also need to pay attention to the following problems:

o concept hollowing out: the middle and high management lacks process management and information construction related concepts

o opportunity risk: all business units overemphasize the implementation risk, fear that the project will not succeed, and are reluctant to start the project, resulting in the loss of the company's opportunity cost and affecting the realization of the company's informatization strategy

o out of control of standards and systems: due to departmentalism or the inability of enterprise information management departments to effectively control the company's it standards and architecture, it leads to fragmentation, the introduction of a large number of different software suppliers, and the emergence of information islands. (end)

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