How to extend the service life of industrial robot

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How to prolong the service life of industrial robots after the upgrading of intelligent factories

with the gradual rise of new models such as sharing economy and personalized customization, new changes have begun to take place in the global economic pattern. As the core of the real economy, manufacturing industry is developing in the direction of automation, digitization and intelligence. The intelligent manufacturing model based on the new generation of information technology and industrial robots will help enterprises obtain new competitiveness

at present, the fourth wave of industrial revolution has arrived. China and even the global manufacturing industry are vigorously promoting machine replacement, and further liberating human labor through advanced equipment technology. From the automotive industry to electronic manufacturing, food processing, etc., the application scenarios of industrial robots are constantly expanding, and gradually become the protagonist of the new generation of manufacturing industry

for the traditional manufacturing industry, the use of industrial robots not only alleviates the problem of insufficient human labor, but also improves the production efficiency of the factory, preparing for the new mode of integrating industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, so that enterprises can quickly respond to market changes, and provide users with higher quality products and personalized customized services

however, in the process of replacing people with machines, enterprises still face multiple challenges, including introducing high-end talents with professional knowledge and technology, being familiar with and mastering the maintenance and management of factory machinery and equipment, and finding a new business model in the era of intelligent manufacturing

in order to promote the application of industrial robot products and speed up the value transformation of intelligent manufacturing technology, the 51robot industrial robot one-stop service platform under Hagong intelligent came into being. The platform provides comprehensive after-sales service support and changes in a large range with the change of hardness, including spare parts and maintenance, robot maintenance, technical support and training, so as to further ensure the stability of industrial robots and ultimately enable enterprises to obtain higher production benefits

continuous upgrading of intelligent factory

intelligent manufacturing is a process of continuous upgrading and optimization. From the introduction of industrial robots to the deployment of sensors, the construction of industrial networks, and the creation of cloud software systems, the whole process needs the support of high-end technology or knowledge-based talents. Enterprises need to combine their own characteristics and changes in market demand, develop timely intelligent production solutions, and constantly optimize and upgrade solutions in order to maintain their advantages in the industry

in the process of creating an intelligent factory, it involves steps such as scheme design, robot selection, installation and debugging, and has high requirements for talents. However, enterprises can easily complete these tasks with the help of 51robot platform. 51robot has the conventional model data of robot manufacturers of world-famous brands, and users can easily complete the selection according to application needs and personalization

in addition, many factors need to be considered in the initial stage of the automation project, such as the rationality of the scene layout, the compatibility of old and new equipment, the practicality of the production process, etc., which need to be combined with various analysis to demonstrate its feasibility. In terms of technical support, 51robot also provides services such as project support, feasibility analysis and offline simulation. Using offline simulation technology at all stages of the project can better understand the key points of the project and prevent some conventional errors

extend the life of industrial robots

industrial robots are increasingly used in factories. In the future, people in factories will work with machines, and the maintenance of robots has become an important work, which is related to the efficiency of the overall operation of factories. Regular maintenance is an effective means to extend the service life of industrial robots. According to the statistical analysis of 51robot, a reasonable maintenance plan (air cooling) for heat treatment of forgings can increase the service life of industrial robots by 20% and reduce the downtime of equipment by 20%

new technologies are helping factories optimize the utilization of equipment resources. People begin to use the data analysis of large vehicle manufacturing, electric power engineering, metal materials and other industries to predict and maintain equipment. In this process, the health of the machine. Among them, the vertical universal friction and wear testing machine is equipped with different auxiliary tools, which can carry out ball disk friction, pin disk friction, thrust ring friction, lubricant friction and other experimental tests, which are the key links, including the wrist joint and spindle of industrial robots, balance weight testing, as well as the inspection of motors, cables, etc. through testing and diagnosis, potential hidden dangers can be found in advance, And timely replace the corresponding parts and formulate preventive measures

generally, when industrial robots perform tasks in harsh environments, the mechanical and electrical parts will suffer from varying degrees of loss. Maintenance personnel need to replace the reducer lubricating oil, batteries, belts and other vulnerable parts in time. The replacement of these parts requires special materials and professional instruments

in terms of equipment maintenance, 51robot provides perfect maintenance services for famous brands such as abb, KUKA, FANUC, and Yaskawa. Through regular maintenance services, it extends the service life of the equipment, ensures the stability of the robot, minimizes downtime and shutdown losses, and finally maximizes the utilization of the equipment, thereby creating greater economic benefits for user enterprises

51robot uses professional tools and talent skills to customize the maintenance plan of a single machine or the whole plant for domestic large, medium and small industrial robot users. For example, through all-round detection and diagnosis of industrial robots, it helps users find and eliminate potential hidden dangers as soon as possible. In addition, 51robot also supports network service and 24-hour parts express delivery, which can solve all the worries of users in a one-stop way

the new generation of manufacturing industry means higher efficiency, more flexibility and lower cost, which is also the ultimate goal of intelligent manufacturing, in which industrial robots play an important role. Nowadays, it is the general trend to replace people with machines. In the future, most production tasks will be handed over to robots, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for the robot industry

after the large-scale application of industrial robots, how to manage these robots will become very important. In order to make the machines play a higher efficiency and value, we must carry out comprehensive monitoring and maintenance of the machines, so that the industrial robots can obtain a longer service life, ensure that the factory production line operates with the highest efficiency and create the greatest benefits

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