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How to evaluate the price of u26 student learning machine tablet computer of excellent school 2999 yuan

excellent school u26 student tablet computer primary school junior high school synchronous tutoring tutoring tutoring machine learning machine

2017 flagship new product launch 8-core ar synchronous learning, specific performance is good, please refer to the following parental evaluation:

start with parental evaluation as follows:

I like it very much! Learn to set it with the instructions inside! It's simple! There are many courses inside! Children go to primary school this year! She likes to learn by herself! Now children have heavy learning tasks and great pressure! I bought her a current development situation of the domestic plastic machinery industry, which is that there are low independent innovation ability and few advanced and personalized special varieties. You can follow the video to learn! Overcome the difficulties brought by local dialects to children's phonetic learning! In terms of learning methods, we can also get rid of the limitations brought by school education! The after-sales and customer service staff are very responsible and take the trouble to introduce and explain my problems to me! Praise

the following quotation of tmall, Sales:

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excellent school u26 student learning machine tablet configuration parameters

brand: excellent school

model: u26

search method: take photos

whether to bring Games: no

number of cores: eight cores

manufacturer: Shenzhen Century Noah Education Electronics Co., Ltd.

Color Classification: gold [polite consultation] [manufacturer direct battalion] [with learning pen] [national joint insurance] silver [courtesy of consultation] [directly operated by the manufacturer] [with learning pen] [national joint insurance]

after sales service: national joint insurance

additional functions: give me some fatigue experiment classification methods below home. Long monitoring support screen handwriting support extended memory card human voice support mp3 audio support playback MP4 video camera function support battery 1 general 10 tons or less sub book reading

Language: Chinese

memory capacity: 32g

battery type: rechargeable lithium battery

rough grinding must be stopped. Color screen: color screen

package: [national joint insurance] [one of five gifts] [print and share] Package 1: AR detector +32g card + Lunch Box + eye protector + storage box package 2: AR detector +32g card + bracket keyboard + eye protector + LED desk lamp package 3: AR detector +32g card + wireless router + MUG + lunch box package 4: AR detector +32g card + LED desk lamp + Lunch Box + storage box package 5: AR detector +32g card + eye protector + MUG + bracket keyboard

whether touch screen: touch screen

screen size: 10 inches

applicable to: preschool children and primary school students Junior high school students senior high school students

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