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How to extract drone chips in "after tomorrow" Introduction to drone chip extraction rate

guide reading how to extract drone chips after tomorrow's mobile game? Next, let's explain the overview of UAV chip extraction rate exposure after tomorrow, Interested friends, come and watch ~ ~ ~

after tomorrow, the chip extraction rate of UAV will be exposed:

UAV is "...

how should UAV chips be extracted after tomorrow's mobile tour? Next, let's explain to you the overview of UAV chip extraction rate exposure after tomorrow. Interested partners, come and watch ~ ~ ~

UAV chip extraction rate exposure after tomorrow:

energy saving is a hot topic in the world today.

UAV is a new scientific and technological product launched by" after tomorrow ", Compared with "conscience", the basic UAV gift pack and advanced UAV gift pack have been launched simultaneously, and players also have the opportunity to stand side by side with krypton King ~ but is this really the case

recently, Yi Guan exposed the extraction rate of UAV chips. The advanced UAV gift bag is about 1.5 times that of the basic UAV gift bag

take the advanced UAV gift bag for example. The probability of the best weight-bearing chip is 4.2%, and only 2.83% is put into the basic gift bag. The most difficult is the coating of medical chips: Aurora guard, with a probability as low as 0.09%! And if you want to smoke paint, you can only buy a high-grade gift bag. With such a touching extraction rate, all you get are European emperors, right? Momo said that he had given up. It's better to buy the money he smoked ~

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