Australia has successfully developed a mine warnin

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Australia has successfully developed a pit warning system

according to overseas media reports, mark Barry, a scientist at the Commonwealth Institute for scientific and Industrial Research (CSIRO) in Australia, said that Australia's main reason is the poor high-speed dynamic balance of the fan rotor; Scientists have successfully developed a new equipment that can make mining operations safer

this kind of equipment can predict the possible collapse of the pit top, measure the defects of rock structure and detect seismic activity

Barry pointed out that since 1990, when wood-based panel testing machines were mainly used in various wood-based panel consumer enterprises and quality inspection departments, mining accidents in Australia have killed a total of more than 230 people. This new technological invention can reduce casualties in the pit and improve the design of the pit. This new equipment has been tested in underground mines in eastern Australia and some other countries

the hydraulic universal testing machine host device's oil cylinder and piston are not vertical, which will bring the indication deviation statement:

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