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KUKA made a grand appearance at the "2012 Industrial Expo"

advanced automation solutions help high-end manufacturing

on November 13, 2012, Shanghai's leading industrial robot manufacturer KUKA company recently made a grand appearance at the 14th China International Industrial Expo held in Shanghai New International Expo center on November, 2012 with KR 6 R900 Sixx, Kr 210 r2700 extra and Kr 16 robots from Kr agilus series, It shows its advanced robot products, technologies and automation solutions. KUKA robot booth is located at No. a097, hall W2

Zoutao, chief operating officer of KUKA robot (Shanghai), said: I am glad to participate in the China International Industrial Expo again, which is an important platform to display advanced robot and industrial automation technology and concepts. As one of the world's leading industrial robot manufacturers, KUKA has long been committed to developing and manufacturing robot based automation solutions to help customers improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and help high-end manufacturing in various industries

highly flexible small robots

KUKA Kr agilus series robots are a new member of the KUKA small robot family, which was launched this year. The Kr 6 R900 Sixx exhibited at the exhibition is a member of the Kr agilus series that we don't know. The robot is a six axis robot, which uses a sigmatek driver and a Kr C4 compact control cabinet, with a load capacity of 6kg and a maximum working range of 901mm. It is compact, accurate, flexible and fast. It can be installed on the ground, ceiling or wall, in packaging, sorting, handling It is widely used in the fields of stacking and unloading

versatile high load robot

kr 210 r2700 extra this highly loaded six axis robot can be described as the versatile robot in the Kr Quantec extra family. It has a load capacity of 210 kg and an additional load of 50 kg, with a maximum range of action of 2700 mm. Its long range of action and high flexibility make it an indispensable good helper, especially in the field of spot welding, handling and loading and unloading. Compared with other models, Kr 210 r2700 extra is more refined, compact and stable in the application level of 210 kg/2700 mm. By reducing the weight of moving parts, it sets a new benchmark in accuracy, performance, energy consumption and availability, and can maximize diversity and flexibility with the minimum investment cost

low load robot with a wide range of uses

KUKA Kr 16 six axis low load robot is an automatic equipment with a wide range of uses and flexible applications, especially suitable for most application fields of processing industry. Its working range can reach 1610 mm and its payload capacity is 16 kg. This robot adopts Kr C4 control system, which is suitable for the unified control scheme of all KUKA robots from low load level to high load level, and can provide customers with planned safety and less than 5%) consistency. Its one plug and one click selection of suitable experimental machines is an important function, which can also help the robot put into operation quickly. In addition, the modular structure of its control system can enable it to achieve a variety of extensions in hardware and software according to the needs of customers

in the past few years, the rapid development of industrial production has made China an important market for robots in the future. Not long ago, KUKA company decided to invest and establish a manufacturing plant in Shanghai to better get close to customers, manufacture automation products for the automotive industry and more and more general industries, and meet the growing demand for automation solutions in the Chinese and Asian markets. KUKA will grow together with China's high-end manufacturing industry. Zou Tao added

about KUKA group

KUKA robot Co., Ltd., located in Augsburg, is subordinate to KUKA Co., Ltd. The company is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial robots. The core strength of the enterprise is to develop, produce and sell industrial robots, control systems and software programs. The company is the market leader in Germany and Europe, ranking third in the world. Globally, KUKA robot group has about 2750 employees. In 2011, the company's turnover reached 616.3 million euros. The company has 25 subsidiaries, which are distributed in important markets in Europe, America and Asia

about KUKA robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

KUKA robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. KUKA company has an annual output of more than 15000 industrial robots, and has installed more than 150000 industrial robots in the world so far. The company produces industrial robots with payload capacity ranging from 3kg to 1300 kg, with a working range ranging from 635mm to 3900mm, all controlled by an industrial PC based controller

KUKA robots are widely used in instrument, automobile, aerospace, consumer products, logistics, food, pharmaceutical, medical, foundry, plastic and other industries. It is mainly used in material processing, machine tool loading, assembly, packaging, stacking, welding, surface finishing and other fields

KUKA cooperates with excellent experts in various industries to provide customers with the best solutions. At the same time, KUKA also works closely with the machinery manufacturing industry, system partners and innovative end users, which is also one of the secrets of KUKA's success. KUKA will make persistent efforts, constantly surpass itself, and provide customers with more perfect solutions to achieve greater success

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