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In recent years, facility agriculture has attracted widespread attention for its high-tech content and good comparative benefits. The good development prospect of facility agriculture is not only welcomed by farmers, but also attracted the attention of many investors. On March 11, 2013, the China International Facility Agriculture Exhibition, jointly created by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Chinese horticultural society and Zhenwei exhibition, was successfully opened in Beijing. It is the first national facility agriculture professional exhibition in China. The China International facility agriculture exhibition covers water-saving irrigation, and whether there are prefabricated cracks on the samples can be divided into: routine fatigue experiment, fatigue crack expansion laboratory gardening materials, high-tech agricultural technology, high-quality seeds and other fields, attracting more than 400 enterprises from more than 30 countries to participate, with an exhibition area of 12000 square meters

Beijing Kunlun Coast Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., as a leading domestic supplier of sensors and data acquisition products, was invited to participate in the exhibition. Founded in March, 1994, Beijing Kunlun coast is a high-tech enterprise jointly certified by the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of finance, the Beijing Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation, and the Beijing Local Taxation Bureau. It is the implementation unit of the technology industry transformation project of the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology, and it is also a key supporting enterprise of the municipal government for the connection of things. It has intellectual property rights of more than 10 patents for inventions and utility models, software copyrights, and other proprietary technologies. In this exhibition, Kunlun Coast showed the self-developed ZigBee wireless sensor and IOT related products to the public, realizing the remote monitoring of agricultural greenhouse and agricultural field information

the Kunlun Coast on-site demonstration platform is an agricultural IOT remote monitoring system composed of ZigBee wireless sensor, IOT customs and data platform, which has received great attention from visitors and attracted many international friends to stop and consult

[the audience in front of the booth is communicating with the salesperson]

[the audience talks about the temperature of the materials in front of the booth on the Kunlun coast is almost unchanged]

[technicians demonstrate and explain the agricultural IOT remote monitoring system to international friends on site]

China is a large agricultural country. At present, there are more and more agricultural greenhouses in the vast rural areas. In recent years, with the development of China's agriculture and rural economy, the mode of agricultural production has gradually changed from traditional extensive management to modern intensive management. Agricultural science and technology demonstration parks, as a demonstration window for modern intensive agriculture and the application of high-tech, came into being. With the progress of science and technology, the structural grade of greenhouse is gradually improving. Building a greenhouse intelligent monitoring system that can improve the yield and quality of crops in the greenhouse, reduce production costs, and reduce the labor intensity of workers is an urgent need for the majority of greenhouse crop producers

the intelligent monitoring system of agricultural greenhouses collects environmental parameters such as air temperature, humidity, light, soil temperature and soil moisture in real time, makes real-time intelligent decisions according to the needs of crop growth, and automatically turns on or off the specified environmental regulation equipment. The deployment and implementation of the system can provide scientific basis and effective means for automatic monitoring of agricultural ecological information, automatic control of facilities and intelligent management

As the central city of China, Beijing attaches great importance to the development of facility agriculture industry. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, Beijing has developed a high-level facility agriculture area of a certain scale, mainly solar greenhouses and plastic greenhouses, 3 and found more than 18 new materials of 10000 mu. In 2011, 32000 mu of facility agriculture was newly developed in Beijing, with a total area of 326000 mu. Nowadays, facility agriculture with greenhouse computer control and management technology as the core has become the focus of international scientific and technological competition and even economic competition. Kunlun Coast aims to take advantage of China International Facility Agriculture Exhibition, an advanced exchange and exhibition platform, give full play to the identity of the key supporting enterprises of the municipal government IOT, display the latest research results, and provide assistance for the development of China's agricultural science and technology. Based on Beijing, facing international exchanges, aiming at Beijing's high-end positioning as a world city, it will comprehensively help develop smart agriculture and improve the international competitiveness of Beijing and even the whole Chinese agriculture

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