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Kubler launched a new solid compact single coil encoder

recently, Kubler expanded its product line of single coil encoder and launched 2450/2457 series new products. The encoder is extremely solid, compact and powerful. The non-contact magnetic measurement system is wear-free and reliable in the ultra long working life

2450/2457 series new products are the same as 3651 and 3671 and m3658 and m3678 series. Kubler has expanded its single coil encoder product line to 24mm diameter, with a high resolution of 14 bits, and integrated analog output (V, MA) SSI or CANopen communication interface. Suitable for a variety of applications, whether the measuring range is 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 360 degrees, it can be accurately measured

the encoder is extremely robust, compact and powerful. The non-contact magnetic measurement system is wear-free and reliable in the ultra long working life

the encoder is designed for harsh environments and benefits from safety lock technology and sensor protection technology. What we need to do is to promote the industry to break through the bottleneck of high-end industrialization

sensor protection technology provides all-round electronic protection and mechanical load isolation protection, with a protection grade of up to ip69k, high anti vibration and impact, ensuring reliable work and preventing expensive downtime

Kubler's safety lock technology ensures the protection level up to ip69k, not only on the side of the shell, but also on the side of the flange. Therefore, it is not afraid of splashing and steam intrusion. Wangdengwen believes that it is applicable to construction machinery. The bearing technology of the safety lock ensures that the encoder will not be damaged even when the installation is out of tolerance

wide temperature range from -40 to 85 ℃. It is resistant to humidity and condensation, ensuring that the encoder can work outdoors and in an environment with a wide temperature range

thanks to the shaft sleeve with a maximum of 10mm, it can be conveniently installed on the big shaft in some narrow spaces, because most thermoplastic materials will not break in this experiment. Couplings with small moment of inertia can also be used for installation. Optional M12 connector outlet

the zero position information led is displayed in green to facilitate the alignment of reference points. This makes it easy and fast to start using. Red LED indicates alarm error or self diagnostic information

canopen provides the latest version with many additional functions. Whether it's location, speed or work area information, users can decide which information is applicable by themselves, because of the PDO mapping and storage function. Thanks to the LSS service function, the node address can be set through ciad305v2.0, which has fast startup and low failure rate, and there is no need to set the dial switch. Node address, baud rate and terminal can be set through the bus

the compact structure and other features allow customers to apply it in the environment where encoder measurement cannot be used in the past. Extremely cost-effective

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