The hottest kukaapgbasic10 is officially launched

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G basic 1.0 was officially launched, and a new era of automatic gluing was opened with one click. The birth of a pair of shoes requires about a dozen links from cutting to molding, and each process is extremely complex. Traditional shoe manufacturers, due to the use of manual production lines, not only can not guarantee the quality of products, production efficiency can not be improved. With the continuous expansion of product demand, manual manufacturing has been unable to meet the production demand, so many manufacturers began to focus on the automatic production mode, trying to put intelligent technology into the production line to achieve efficient production

in traditional manual production, the manufacturing process will be different for different shoe types. The most intuitive impact is the increase of labor and the increase of cost. For example, as an important step in the forming stage, the process of sole glue spraying is an indispensable step for all shoe types. Its success or failure is directly related to the quality of finished shoes. The traditional gluing process is mostly manual gluing, which not only has low production efficiency, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed, but also the operation is complex, the product quality is unstable, and different shoe types need different manual operations, so it is impossible to achieve parallel production

in order to solve this problem, KUKA China successfully built g basic 1.0 by automatically identifying and generating motion tracks on robots with 3D vision technology. G basic 1.0 based on 3D vision technology is different from the operation mode of traditional robots with a single shoe type. It can adapt to different shoe types without repeated debugging, and brings customers ultra-high cost performance with its extremely high stability. While improving production efficiency for users, it also has the following four advantages:

first, it is no longer difficult to produce in line, and the quality and output are both improved

Kuk covers GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS BS... A. all kinds of methods have their own characteristics. APG basic can adjust the stretching space level by level according to the specification and length of the sample. 1.0 based on 3D vision technology, it automatically recognizes and generates the motion track. The track is smooth, the path is uniform, and the production mode can be switched at any time without modifying the equipment, which greatly improves the stability of the process effect and the flexible production capacity of the equipment, thus greatly improving the production capacity

II. Easy to learn, easy to use, quick to use, visual operation without pressure

g basic 1.0 adopts a visual human-machine interface with parameter settings, and the configuration process is simple and convenient, without complex programming and complex training, you can operate easily and start production quickly

third, it is simple and efficient without training, and has a high rate of continuous and stable return.

g basic 1.0 compared with the traditional manual production mode, it does not need complex training, has stable process effect, low error rate, and sustainable production, which can greatly improve the work cycle and ensure that your enterprise is in a high-efficiency production state for a long time

IV. a variety of package combinations, each of which is suitable for

KUKA uses separate sales software (compatible with third-party 3D cameras) and combined with 3D camera hardware, which can meet the use scenarios of different users called impact absorption work. The multi-mode choice can not only easily solve production problems for customers, but also meet the needs of cost control

how to reduce costs and improve production efficiency is the original intention and determination of KUKA China development. This g basic 1.0 is not only continuously improving the operation efficiency of the production line, but also an important step in the automatic production of the footwear industry. In the future, KUKA China will continue to improve its solutions according to the actual situation, continue to help enterprise users improve production efficiency, and open a new path of large-scale production

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