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A $450million! ANZ and IBM signed a cloud service agreement

recently, the Australian and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) has signed a $450million strategic agreement with IBM to move its business to the bluemix cloud platform and the 120 ° diamond cone open innovation laboratory. Its purpose is to enable the developers of the bank to build, test and deploy new applications and services quickly and cheaply

it is hoped that this five-year contract will improve ANZ's productivity and its ability to cope with the rapid growth of its customer base. ANZ also has plans for regional expansion

the agreement includes the use of IBM's software portfolio, innovation lab, next-generation cloud development capabilities and core hardware infrastructure. It is hoped that the agreement will provide a common platform for the entire ANZ network, as it will continue to grow and will allow banks to provide more comprehensive and innovative banking experience for digital customers

the more flexible ANZ plan and cloud technology

innovation laboratory will invest in the cooperation between ANZ and IBM, improve its production efficiency, and quickly bring its new products and services to the market to improve the customer experience. The innovation lab is developed by IBM bluemix. As a service, its cloud development platform can enable bank developers to build, test and deploy new applications and services with less time and cost

scottcourry, chief information officer of ANZ, said: understanding customers' needs and preferences in mobile and Digital Banking is beneficial to our business and providing excellent customer experience is crucial. Therefore, we need to adopt a consistent and seamless way to ensure the innovation to meet these needs of smart factory. We are working with IBM to achieve this goal

as part of ANZ's private cloud, IBM will deploy its latest Z13 mainframe and power8 processor. This infrastructure will provide the reliability, security and flexibility of the bank to meet the critical network needs of mobile customers in the bank. The directory integration, content management, data analysis and cloud software carried out by IBM will support the core banking computer control system of ANZ to control all experimental processes and infrastructure, and help the bank have more in-depth data display to understand the needs of its 9million customers around the world

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