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Kuimen Tianxia Xiong, yundian future king

with the trend of environmental protection sweeping the country, dealers everywhere are lamenting that business is not easy to do. Under the sluggish economic environment, many manufacturers are reducing spending and reducing activity expenditure. Zhonghua is still wayward, taking the dealer's sales team to charter for training, visit the Three Gorges and see the beautiful scenery



listen to the voice from the market, and you can be invincible

on September 9, the campers who visited shennv River personally felt the marketing strategy of shennv River scenic spot, and everyone was impressed by the marketing of Shennv river. A group of Tujia tour guides introduced the local customs and human landscapes of shennvxi in simple terms, metaphorized the introduction of local special commodities in the story, and asked our campers to take the initiative to ask where we can buy these special commodities

as campers become active, it becomes easier for Tujia tour guides to recommend local characteristics. This passive to active marketing strategy has greatly inspired our marketing elites. If we apply this set to customer development and let the terminal repair garage take the initiative to come to us, maybe the development of new customers can become simple

visiting goddess Creek in the morning is an episode of a marketing class, and the whole day of training on the 9th is the highlight. As Liu ZHENWANG, the deputy general manager of the information department, answered a series of questions about the development of cloud stores, the campers found the answer to many puzzles that haunted their minds

in the process of the development of cloud store, China has always adhered to the principle of listening to the voice of the front line of the market, and constantly adjusted and improved the market policy of cloud store

picture: take a boat to visit goddess Creek



people "do" in the store, and customers come up

president Li Zhifeng, general distributor of China lubricants in Harbin, appeared in this summer camp. President Li shared with his own experience how China Cloud store is promoted in Harbin. The Zhonghua cloud store project has become an important magic weapon for president Li to develop new customers and maintain old customers. In President Li's words, the Zhonghua cloud store project is the decisive secret for him to win the future with the terminal garage in Harbin

president Li elaborated on the promotion of standardized services of Zhonghua cloud store in Harbin with vivid cases. From Mr. Li's analysis, the campers felt the power of Zhonghua cloud store and clarified the significance of cloud store strategy to win the future

how should cloud stores in many regions promote and develop the China Cloud store project? Can Zhonghua cloud store bring new users? Full of doubts and expectations

"people sit in the store, customers come up", when can such a beautiful blueprint be realized

as car owners have higher and higher requirements for service quality, how to retain customers has become a top priority, and high-quality service will become the core competitiveness of Zhonghua cloud store. Only when the service level is improved, can we attract a steady stream of customers to Zhonghua cloud store and form the reputation of high service of Zhonghua cloud store

figure: President Li of Harbin shares that the cloud store project will win the future



work together online and offline to win the future war of cloud store

at this training summer camp, two vice presidents of polymer thermal deformation testing from the Ministry of information, Liu ZHENWANG and Wu Yongkang, analyzed China's promotion policy on cloud store projects in 2017 and the specific measures for China Cloud store to win online and offline in the future

in the online part, Zhonghua launched the small program of Zhonghua cloud store car maintenance. Through the small program, our terminal owners can place orders directly in the store, and the cloud store owner can also collect the owner's vehicle information more conveniently, so as to better provide services for car owners

in addition, the Zhonghua oil change app has also upgraded various functions, making it easier for terminal owners to place an order for oil change through the oil change app. In terms of the function of the cloud store system, the owner of the cloud store will be able to directly access the vehicle information by scanning the N code of the vehicle VI to continuously improve the R & D ability. The cloud store system will automatically manage the owner information and push the maintenance reminder to the cloud store. The vehicle maintenance reminders, maintenance suggestions and activities will be pushed to our terminal owners, so that everyone can know their own vehicle information in time

for customers who change oil in cloud stores, China has also introduced a "Huayun club" membership system, and becoming a member of Huayun club will enjoy exclusive membership rights and interests

in the offline part, China vigorously promotes the standardized services of cloud stores and the construction of demonstration cloud stores. With the implementation of standardized services in cloud stores, cloud stores that take the lead in implementing standardized services will receive a large number of customer praise, retain more new and old customers for cloud stores, and form a reputation for high-quality services

in the first half of 2017, China carried out a large number of pilot demonstration cloud stores in the market, and formed a number of high-quality demonstration cloud stores through pilot projects in different regions of the country. Take the demonstration cloud store as the point, and improve the service quality of cloud stores across the country through the way of point and area

recently, the "China Cloud store standardized oil change service competition" swept the country, and more than 500 terminal cloud stores participated in our service competition. The purpose of this competition is also quite clear, which is to promote the standardized oil change service of cloud stores

on the afternoon of the 9th, the "blue whale" cruise ship, full of salespersons from Chinese dealers, passed through Kuimen, which is known as the "world's hero". The campers gathered on the fifth deck of the cruise ship and looked at the magnificent scenery of Kuimen, the head of Qutang gorge. They couldn't help sighing, "Kuimen is the world's leading city and the future king of yundian"

figure: campers record training materials

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