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KUKA continues to participate in ciros2013

this year, KUKA robot group, one of the world's leading industrial robot manufacturers, will continue the glory of ciros2012 and be invited to participate in the 2013 China International Robot Exhibition

KUKA robot group is a high-tech enterprise. In addition to further developing the control system and driving technology using PC, they also focus on developing new application technologies. In order to remain invincible in the increasingly important field of control, many enterprises have invested in the field of system control in the instrument industry, KUKA company is also committed to developing its own control system (KUKA motion control)

The latest technological achievement of KUKA company is the so-called small workshop. Here, robots of different sizes and placement work together, that is, cooperation. The application potential of robots has been further expanded. The purpose of this development project is to improve the flexibility of processing process and logistics and establish modular production units, so as to achieve higher dynamic production control, reduce manufacturing costs and shorten processing time. There is also the problem of collision between materials and lifting rings in the operation process of KUKA company. Another development topic is to use different materials to manufacture lighter and more flexible robots

ciros2013 has an exhibition area of 12000 square meters, including graphene conductive paste for waterborne lithium batteries, which can improve the energy density of batteries. It is the largest robot exhibition in China; Ciros2013 exhibits cover industrial robot bodies, components and application integration solutions, as well as service robot technology and products. It is the only robot whole industry chain exhibition platform in China

Ciros2013 will kick off at Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 2 to 5, 2013. The theme of this exhibition is to break through the application bottleneck and promote industrial integration. While displaying the latest robot technology products at home and abroad, it will focus on the application solutions that meet the characteristics of Chinese local enterprises, so as to promote the popularization of robot technology in various industries in China

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