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KUKA strives for innovation to achieve the goal of robot colleagues





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word level setting: small, medium and large enterprises

continue to lead the development of industrial automation with innovative technology and can reshape the system. KUKA, the world's leading manufacturer of industrial automation, will be held at the 2019 Taipei International Auto chemical industry exhibition, which can be used to test the fatigue life of various parts, The latest technologies suitable for Taiwan's construction of intelligent manufacturing from small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises are exhibited, ranging from the highly flexible and autonomous KMR iiwa unmanned truck robot to the flexible LBR iiwa light robot that can enter a variety of situations to help Taiwan's manufacturing industry connect with the world and build a high-efficiency intelligent factory

Liang Xinyu, sales director of KUKA Asia Pacific, said: "Taiwan plays a key role in the global manufacturing industry. In IOT and industry 4.0, KUKA has created the advantages of technology integration in three aspects: integration road, cloud and mobile work platform. We provide mechanical automation design solutions from light to high-end with the increasing requirements of power batteries for energy density and performance, create a man-machine collaborative working environment, and effectively improve manufacturing accuracy and efficiency. Taiwan's manufacturing industry Across the diversified market patterns of large and medium-sized enterprises, we provide a flexible and diverse combination scheme that conforms to international standards and provides intelligent operation needs at different stages. "

for Taiwan's large-scale precision manufacturing, such as the environment of the wafer clean room, KUKA showed this important man-machine collaborative work product on site in this exhibition: a combination of autonomous mobile unmanned carrier KMP and LBR iiwa light collaborative robot, collectively known as KMR iiwa; It has high flexibility in providing location applications, and is suitable for the layout transformation of old factories. It provides five characteristics: customized combination, high sensitivity, independence, intelligence and flexibility, and accurate execution. It is suitable for the semiconductor industry in the deployment automation and to cope with the future key technology transformation

For many years, KUKA has been committed to "cooperation between humans and robots" and the development of mobile intelligent robots in the future. KMR iiwa is exactly KUKA's goal to achieve "robot colleagues". Intelligent mobile units can act autonomously. The robot on the mobile platform can move autonomously, align with an accuracy of up to mm, and find the target

for the automation of welding technology in the manufacturing industry, KUKA especially cooperates with Huaqi trade, which is deeply engaged in the development of welding technology. Combined with KUKA manipulator and AC ion welding machine PMI 350 ac/dc TL, the exhibition focuses on solving the problem of aluminum alloy welding automation. Through KUKA's dexterous and diversified manipulator, combined with advanced AC ion welding machine and Huaqi's welding experience, Provide customers with the thickness of Ig welding that cannot be completed at one time in the past strategic cooperation between traditional tig/m neoprene composites and Funeng technology, effectively and significantly reduce costs and strive for timeliness


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