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Krones launched an automatic bottle sorting machine suitable for small bottles

krones UK launched a new fully adjustable master-10 Coba rotary bottle sorting machine, which aims at the filling operation of small volume, because the cost of such containers in the packaging operation is very high due to the conversion of components

different from the traditional bottle sorting machine, master-10 Coba does not design a classification station for each size of container, which means that there are 10 or 12 classification stations. Master-10 Coba (through adjustment and conversion) uses an adjustable bottle selector around the rotating classification plate, in addition to an adjustable funnel, which can make the bottles reach the outlet accurately and quickly

for different containers, the only components required are two polymer templates, on which the bottle selector and funnel can be easily installed. The installation of the bottle selector and funnel at each station takes only 2 minutes, and can be completed without skilled workers

therefore, the Coba machine of master-10 annealed seamless steel pipe with a wall thickness of less than 13mm is based on the smallest model in the master series bottle sorting machine of posimat, a Spanish manufacturer. After the American glass fiber composite Industry Association released the "global glass fiber composite market trend forecast and opportunity analysis", the report that the cost of fully adjustable master-10 Coba is only 60-70% of that of an automatic size adjustment bottle sorting machine

master-10 Coba is positioned at a suitable output and has received financial support from the German Federal Ministry of education and research. It can handle 100 containers with a maximum of 2 liters per minute, while for 500 and 250 ml containers, its processing speed can reach 200 containers per minute

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