Australia and Germany join forces to create wood p

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Australia and Germany work together to create a "wood protective coating"

Australia and Germany work together to create a "wood protective coating"

March 6, 2008

[China paint information] French Forrest in Australia and heimerdingen in Germany jointly reported that holmenkol, a global supplier of sports products, has recently reached a cooperation agreement with innovations technology in Australia, and the two sides will establish a partnership, Jointly promote the application and development of the innovative 279 textile coating technology in emerging markets. According to this agreement, holmenkol will also be responsible for the sale of related coating products in sports clothing, equipment and other fields in the future

Harry stulajter, CEO of innovations, is very excited about the cooperation between the two sides, He told specialchem: "Through effective cooperation between the two sides, we will be able to integrate the advantages of both sides in technology and commercial operation, and find new market applications for our innovative coating oxidation technology caused by long-term use. As we all know, holmenkol is a globally recognized well-known coating enterprise in the field of sports. As the first intelligent manufacturing plant of thermoplastic composites with more than 100000 tons in China, it is in the fields of sports clothing, equipment and so on It has great technical advantages and market potential. We also hope that through the cooperation with holmenkol, we can enrich our experience in expanding the international market and make the enterprise stand in an important position in the international market. "

the environmentally friendly and high-performance coating solution developed by innovations has made great achievements in building, housing and other related fields. The technical experts of holmenkol participating in the cooperation project will choose the appropriate scheme for the application of sports equipment, sports clothing, ocean ship repair work and leisure fields

"novations has the world's leading ecological coating products, and its product technology involves many cutting-edge scientific fields. We hope to strengthen the technical advantages of our products and enrich our product categories by establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with novations." Christian, executive president of holmenkol, said. According to specialchem, the first cooperation project between the two sides will be the coating protection of teak in sports rowing to ensure that the rowing can maintain high performance and prolong its service life. The cooperative product of the two sides is called "wood protective coating". This coating can resist UV radiation, and ensure that the coating and water maintain good mutual exclusion under wet conditions. This product is a water-based product, which means that the "wood protective coating" will not contain solvents and VOC, and will not cause harm to the environment and human body. In the future, both sides will have more environmental protection coating technology solutions

"wood protective coating" series of products will be promoted and sold by holmenkol's global dealers as the first result of the cooperation between the two sides, with the goal of water sports and yacht leisure market. This series of products will include ship coatings, lubricants, anti friction treatment fluids, high-performance gel coatings, hull material treatment fluids, wood protection fluids, and finish varnishes. Holmenkol has a world leading one-stop high-end yacht service center, which has been applied in the American market

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