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KUKA robot (Shanghai) appeared in ProPak China 2011 high-performance "palletizing expert" and control system to help the automation of the packaging industry

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KUKA robot (Shanghai) appeared in ProPak China 2011 high-performance "palletizing expert" and control system to help the automation of the packaging industry

July 14, 2011, Shanghai - KUKA, the world's leading manufacturer of industrial robots, participated in the 17th Shanghai international food machinery and Equipment Exhibition (ProPak China 2011) held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 13 to 15, 2011. KUKA robot (Shanghai) showed two high-performance palletizing experts, Kr PA and Kr 470 PA, and KUKA motion control system (KMC)

in the 64 square meter space of booth 1g01 in hall E1, KUKA robot (Shanghai) showed the advanced applications of Kr PA and Kr 470 PA palletizing robots in the food packaging industry. In addition, KMC, a modular system that can meet the needs of automation, also showed its excellent performance to the audience

we are happy to participate in ProPak China again to show the excellent application of KUKA robot in the food machinery industry. At the same time, we will take this platform to have extensive exchanges with experts in the industry. Zoutao, COO of KUKA Robotics (Shanghai), said that the food machinery industry is one of the key development areas of KUKA. With the continuous expansion of the demand for processing and packaging technology of domestic production enterprises, KUKA adheres to the concept of simplifying automation and provides customers with a comprehensive automation solution. In the future, KUKA will continue to give full play to its advantages in technology and product performance, strengthen its leading position in application in this field, and provide the best technical solutions for the rapidly developing processing and packaging market in the world

KUKA Kr PA on display this time is a four axis pallet stacking robot with a stacking height of 3200 ". When it comes to the bottleneck of the implementation of energy-saving and environmental friendly new materials in the Chinese market, mm, with a payload capacity of 180 kg, is praised as a stacking expert in the industry. The robot has a fifth passive axis and a unique FEM optimized motion structure, which can ensure the efficient stacking process. Due to its small moment of inertia, its arm made of carbon fiber composite CFK has a high acceleration value

KUKA Kr 470 PA is a five axis pallet stacking robot, with a maximum working range of 3150 mm. Operators should pay attention to the maintenance of various parts of the hydraulic system of the experimental machine and the protection effect of the hydraulic system. The load capacity is 470 kg, and the additional load capacity is 50 kg. It can easily realize the tasks of packaging, picking and pallet loading. Through the combination of KUKA stacking robots, it can help customers realize any stacking scheme. At the same time, its compact structure, light weight and the characteristics of containing installation and fixed parts can also be easily and quickly integrated into automation equipment

KUKA motion control system (KMC) is also on display with KR PA and Kr 470 PA. The system can automate robots, even all machines and motion systems according to personalized needs. Its modular structure enables it to expand hardware and software according to customers' personalized needs. At the same time, the use of its portable KUKA control panel (KCP) can also bring high comfort and flexibility to customers. In short, customers can freely use the control module of the system, combine any components they need, and finally gain two advantages: lower cost and stronger function

ProPak China is held once a year, and this year is the 17th. After years of development, the exhibition has developed into the largest professional event in the processing and packaging industry in China. It can provide the latest technology and equipment for all production industries, including food, beverage, cosmetics, medicine, household products, industrial products, medical devices, electronic products and daily necessities. It is an effective platform to lead many well-known domestic brands to overseas markets

about KUKA robot group

KUKA robot Co., Ltd., located in Augsburg, is subordinate to KUKA Co., Ltd. The company is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial robots. The core strength of the enterprise is to develop, produce and sell industrial robots, control systems, software programs and linear slides. The company is the market leader in Germany and Europe, ranking third in the world

globally, KUKA robot group has about 2000 employees. Among them, about 1100 employees work in KUKA robot group in Germany. In 2010, the company's turnover reached 435.7 million euros. The company has 25 subsidiaries, which are distributed in important markets in Europe, America and Asia

about KUKA robot (Shanghai)

KUKA robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. KUKA company has an annual output of more than 15000 industrial robots, and has installed more than 150000 industrial robots in the world so far. The company produces five axis and six axis robots with a payload capacity of 3kg to 1000kg, with a working range of 635mm to 3900mm, all controlled by a computer-based control platform

KUKA robots are widely used in instrument, automobile, aerospace, consumer products, logistics, food, pharmaceutical, medical, foundry, plastic and other industries. It is mainly used in material processing, machine tool loading, loading size deviation of no more than 2%, packaging, stacking, welding, surface finishing and other fields

KUKA cooperates with excellent experts in various industries to provide customers with the best solutions. Product integrators also conduct extensive cooperation with KUKA through its partner network. At the same time, the lightweight of KUKA automobile has risen to the national strategic level. KUKA also works closely with the machinery manufacturing industry, system partners and innovative end users, which is also one of the secrets of KUKA's success. KUKA will make persistent efforts, constantly surpass itself, and provide customers with more perfect solutions to achieve greater success

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