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KUKA robot shows its magic power in Hangzhou cigarette factory

with the increasing competition in the tobacco market at home and abroad, more and more tobacco enterprises begin to further improve the original automation technology and apply industrial robots in their production process, which not only raises the production automation level and management level of enterprises to a higher level, but also greatly improves the quality and output of cigarettes

in the face of this situation, Hangzhou cigarette factory, one of the 36 key industrial enterprises in the national tobacco industry and one of the 26 large enterprises and groups that Hangzhou focuses on cultivating and developing, keeps up with the pace of the times, does not start the oil pump, sets the pointer to zero, and cuts off the introduction of new equipment and technology. On the basis of promoting the company to improve the level of equipment automation, the operation is cumbersome and safe, realizing the improvement of production level, reduction of labor employment The goals of improving product quality and energy conservation and emission reduction have improved the core competitiveness of enterprises as a whole and calmly dealt with market competition

this year, Hangzhou cigarette factory moved to a modern new factory built with an investment of more than one billion yuan. The world packaging Expo was honored to be invited to visit the factory in October, and experienced first-hand how advanced automation technology plays a great role in cigarette factories

experts in unpacking and cleaning cut tobacco turnover boxes

before being put into the cigarette production line, pretreatment of purchased tobacco is an important link in the quality engineering of cigarette products. In the pretreatment workshop of Hangzhou new cigarette factory, three unpacking lines operate in an orderly manner, and two KUKA standard 6-axis robots are distributed on each line. The person in charge of the tobacco factory said: there are many uncontrollable factors in the transportation process, such as deformation. The whole unpacking line first scans the barcode on the container to obtain relevant information, and then automatically unpacks through the KUKA robot. The tobacco container is buckled. The robot first takes away the cardboard on the top, turns it over through the turnover machine, and then takes away the cardboard below. After the cardboard is removed, another robot removes the film. The KUKA standard 6-axis robot on the line can be adjusted according to the production standards of the enterprise, and its fixture can also be configured according to the required functions. In this way, a variety of functions can be realized, which fully demonstrates the flexibility of the KUKA robot system

after pretreatment, tobacco enters the silk making workshop, and the silk making process is completed by process equipment without manual labor. After humidifying, moisturizing and removing foreign matters, tobacco is cut and dried. In these processes, attention should be paid to the removal of foreign matters, and the humidity required by the process should be maintained to ensure good taste

finished cut tobacco needs to be stored or transported, and must be packed first. This process also faces a problem: since different kinds of cut tobacco have been loaded in the cigarette box, how can we ensure that the new cut tobacco will not taste when loaded? At this time, KUKA 6-axis robot comes in handy again. The person in charge told: in Hangzhou cigarette factory, KUKA 6-axis robot also plays an important role in cleaning the tobacco turnover box. At the scene, the robot standing on the post worked tirelessly to remove the original cut tobacco from the cigarette box again and again, and then put new cut tobacco into it

In order to adapt to the changes in the cigarette market and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market economy, the focus of automation technology transformation of more and more tobacco enterprises has shifted from the transformation of silk production lines and the renewal of winding and packaging equipment to the establishment of automated three-dimensional warehouse logistics system. Automated three-dimensional warehouse is an important part of the rapid development of modern logistics system. It has many advantages, such as saving land, reducing labor intensity, eliminating errors, improving the level of storage automation and management, improving the quality of management and operators, reducing storage and transportation losses, effectively reducing the backlog of working capital, improving logistics efficiency, resulting in monofilament surface damage rate and so on

the cut tobacco warehouse of Hangzhou cigarette factory fully demonstrates its high degree of automation. Among them, KUKA jet, the first real extension robot in China, plays an important role in it. The person in charge said: we began to use KUKA's gantry robot in August this year. KUKA jet for large space logistics transfer has the advantages of fast speed and great flexibility. Its characteristic is that the first axis is a horizontal moving axis. After measurement, the maximum running speed can reach 3.0m/s, which greatly extends the operating space. The two robots on the assembly line work in coordination and cooperation, and the working efficiency is 500 boxes/hour, which is equivalent to the working efficiency of 4.5 ordinary machines. KUKA J equips et robot for zigzag stress experiment of cantilever zigzag Charpy specimen, which meets our increasing requirements for automatic production at present. It is understood that the technical difficulty of KUKA jet lies in the collaborative coupling of the other five axes when moving in parallel. However, from the operation situation on site, this technical difficulty has been successfully overcome, and the transfer process is smooth and perfect

in addition, the person in charge then emphasized to him that since some cigarette boxes are to be stored in the warehouse for a period of time, the tightness of cigarette boxes is very important. He said: if the cover is not tightly covered, the aroma of cut tobacco will be lost after a period of time, which will seriously affect the quality of cut tobacco. The accuracy of the gripper of KUKA gantry robot for capping the cigarette box cover is very high, and the deviation is less than 5mm, which ensures the tightness of the cigarette box and the quality of cut tobacco. The fixtures on the robot are all produced by ourselves, while the vacuum generator and suction cup adopt Schmitz products with high stability

grasp the present and look forward to the future

in recent years, Hangzhou cigarette factory has firmly grasped the main contradiction of improving brand competitiveness, facing the market, serving customers, following the quality policy of producing each cigarette with high quality and being responsible for each customer, adhering to the three concepts of customer-centered, full-time marketing and continuous improvement, and taking advanced technology, first-class equipment, scientific management and meticulous service as the guarantee, The products are favored by consumers, forming a hierarchical product pattern of Liqun, Xin'anjiang, Xiongshi and West Lake, and the product structure has been continuously optimized and improved. The popularity and reputation of products have been continuously improved, forming a famous brand group

at present, the annual output of Hangzhou cigarette factory has reached 1million cases/year. Looking forward to the future, Hangzhou cigarette factory will take development as the theme, reform and innovation as the driving force, vigorously promote the four strategies of market, brand, organization and employee development, comprehensively improve the enterprise's comprehensive development ability and core competitiveness, and strive to remain in the forefront of China tobacco industry

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