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KUKA invested in a new factory in Shanghai to lay a solid foundation for future business growth in Asia

on October 12, 2012, Shanghai KUKA company, the world's leading manufacturer of robotics and automation products and solutions, held a foundation laying ceremony for the new factory in Shanghai today. KUKA has been doing business in China and Asia for 12 years, mainly developing robot based automation solutions. With the establishment of the new factory, KUKA will be able to meet the growing demand for automation solutions in the Chinese and Asian markets. The plant will be put into operation in the second half of next year, and can accommodate about 350 employees, responsible for the manufacturing, marketing and sales of KUKA robots in Asia

Dr. till Reuter, CEO of KUKA group, said: KUKA is where our customers are. The new plant in Shanghai will be able to meet the strong growth market demand in China and Asia. This move will effectively enhance KUKA's strategic positioning in the Asian market and benefit from the growing trend of automation solutions in this emerging market

the sales of KUKA robot in China doubled

in 2011, the sales of KUKA robot in China doubled year-on-year. At the same time, in the field of multi joint aircraft experts related to KUKA who believe that the aircraft cannot be burned "completely", China has also become the world's largest market with an output of 18000 units. With efficient process flow and flexible structure, the company headquartered in Augsburg, Germany, will now be able to manufacture automation products for the automotive industry and more and more general industries in this new plant of nearly 20000 square meters

KUKA China company was officially established in 2000. So far, it has become one of the largest subsidiaries of KUKA in the world. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company has also set up four sales and service centers in other regions of China to get close to customers and provide them with better services. At present, China is not only the KUKA company, but also the most important trading partner of the factory and machinery industry in Germany and the United States. In the past few years, China has developed into an important market for robots in the future

German quality made in China

it is expected that KUKA company will start producing Kr Quantec series robots and Kr C4 general controller next year. In addition, the assembly capacity of the factory is 3000 units in the first year. By 2015, the assembly capacity of lasers, xenon lamps, etc. will be increased to 5000 units. In the future, its ability will be further improved. The manufacturing of the factory in China will follow the highest standards to fully meet the quality requirements of Germany. In this way, KUKA can ensure the first-class quality of its products and its long-term leading position in the Asian market

about KUKA group

KUKA group is committed to providing the most advanced solutions for the automation of industrial production processes. As a global company, KUKA has an annual revenue of about 1.5 billion euros and has about 7000 employees worldwide. The company has a total of 48 subsidiaries, which are distributed in the current and future markets around the world, involving general industry, aerospace, and medical device industries

KUKA robot Co., Ltd., located in Augsburg, is subordinate to KUKA Co., Ltd. The company is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial robots. The core strength of the enterprise is to develop, produce and sell industrial robots, control systems and software programs. The company is the market leader in Germany and Europe, ranking third in the world. Globally, KUKA robot group has about 2750 employees. In 2011, the company's turnover reached 616.3 million euros. The company has a total of 25 subsidiaries, which were distributed in important markets in Europe, America and Asia in early November this year

KUKA senior management and government leaders laid the foundation for the new site

Dr. till Reuter, CEO of KUKA group, delivered a speech at the foundation laying ceremony of KUKA's new factory

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