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Kung Fu superstar Yu Rongguang spoke for Centennial chemical paint

in early March 2010, Centennial chemical successfully joined hands with the famous Kung Fu superstar Yu Rongguang, and the popular film and television star Yu Rongguang officially became the brand ambassador of Centennial paint

after the enterprise has developed to a certain level, it needs a carrier that can fully convey the unique brand personality concept to the new historical chapter of the development of China Mongolia relations. The role of brand image spokesperson cannot be ignored. The cooperation between Centennial chemical and popular film star Yu Rongguang marks a big step forward for Centennial chemical towards a first-line well-known brand

Yu Rongguang has been the spokesperson of various products, such as daily necessities and electrical appliances. Why did Centennial chemical invite Yu Rongguang as the brand image ambassador of Centennial paint? When a brand has a certain popularity and the brand has been determined, the production of brand image spokesperson is natural. The brand positioning of Centennial paint is publicized, confident, mature, honest, heroic and eternal, and Yu Rongguang has always been a symbol of truth and fortitude on the screen. The market value of the global engineering plastic market will reach US $90billion by 2020. He always uses his tough, cold, almost always thinking face to highlight the significant changes in the connotation of the foundation, opportunities, environment and conditions of economic development. In addition, his standard figure of 1.81 meters and good temperament are consistent with the brand positioning of century old lacquer. In short, Yu Rongguang, a popular movie star, is the most suitable candidate for the "Centennial paint" brand both in terms of image and temperament and age

Yu Rongguang: Kung Fu superstar + film and television Superstar:

Yu Rongguang, who has practiced strong martial arts since childhood, was admitted to the Beijing Fenglei Peking Opera Troupe as an actor at the age of 11. After watching the TV series Shaolin Temple, he decided to devote himself to the performing arts career and came up with the idea of making kung fu films. Unfortunately, I was not selected when I applied for the training class of Beijing Film Academy. He was discovered by Hong Kong director Xu Xiaoming in 82 and really started his acting career. Most of the films in which Yu Rongguang plays are mainly villains. However, due to Yu Rongguang's good Kung Fu, agility and delicate performance, his acting skills have been recognized and loved by many audiences. In the 1990s, Yu Rongguang began to enter Hong Kong for development and tried to shoot comedies. In comedies, he was gentle, serious and showed his comedy talent. He is completely different from the cold hearted villain. After the 1920s, the performing arts industry had further development. Yu Rongguang began to develop in multiple directions and embarked on the path of producer and director. He has successfully acted as a director and produced many popular TV series in China, such as ping an office, truth, King Qian, wolf venom flower, etc., which have aroused strong repercussions and wide acclaim

Foshan Shunde Centennial Chemical Co., Ltd.:

Centennial chemical is one of the well-known enterprises in China's coating industry. It has successively won the honorary titles of "Shunde civilized business unit, Shunde advanced unit in quality work of private enterprises, member of Guangdong Federation of industry and commerce, total quality management standard of the Ministry of agriculture, Shunde digital anti-counterfeiting unit of quality and technical supervision, and group member unit of Guangdong coating Association". Together with Shunde's excellent peers, it has won the reputation of "hometown of Chinese coatings" for Shunde. The enterprise takes the construction of a "healthy family" with Chinese characteristics as its duty, promotes the development of National Coatings throughout the country, and strives to produce world-leading coating products for Chinese families based on the principle of sincerity as the basis of marketing and health as the basis of products. Over the past ten years, the first batch of enterprises have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, 3G certification, China environmental protection product certification, China's top ten influential brands in the coating industry and other qualifications and honors; With its strong technical strength and considerate service marketing, the company has won unanimous praise from consumers and recognition in the industry, and has become the designated sensor supplier of the United Nations

there is no doubt that a suitable image spokesperson can add luster to products and enterprises. Based on reality, Centennial industry has built a good brand image and improved its market share by borrowing the popularity and influence of Star Yu Rongguang according to the positioning of products, which has also played a smooth sailing effect for the development plan of Centennial paint to become bigger and stronger

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