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Krones spiragrip spiral bottle washing technology

in the field of bottle washing machine design, a number of technologies to optimize the process have entered the market. However, in terms of process devices, the vast majority of bottle washing equipment currently in use are similar, except that the basic concept of bottle conveying through the cleaning treatment area and the sequence of bottle washing steps are slightly different in complex cleaning technologies

Krones' spiragrip model has a breakthrough in conceptual change. It is used for washing bottles of plastic bottles and glass bottles at the same time. Its design ideas and process devices are very different from other bottle washing machines on the market, and its environmental protection has been recognized

Krones began to develop new bottle washing machines in the early 1990s, when plastic recycling bottles were popular in the beverage market. Beverage filling line manufacturers have encountered new challenges, including in particular the development of bottle washing machines for recyclable plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are more sensitive to mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses than glass bottles, so care should be taken when cleaning. Alkali treatment and emergency spray in the bottle are indispensable in the cleaning process, but the cleaning process must be mild

strict requirements

sp leads to the continuous emergence of new materials, which puts forward higher requirements for the design of fixtures. Iragrip system has a total of 50 employees who went to Macao this time. The development work is carried out under the guidance of a series of key requirements:

◆ there should be no scratches when entering the bottle

◆ during the whole bottle delivery process, the bottle does not touch any metal

◆ the position of the lightweight bottle cannot be raised in the internal spray station

◆ the temperature of alkali treatment must be less than 60 ℃

◆ the gentle label shedding system cannot form pulp in the alkali water tank during bottle washing, nor can it exert mechanical stress on the bottle

◆ the post washing process (water treatment) must be very aggressive and equipped with a disinfection tank if necessary

◆ the bottleneck ring needs to be cleaned separately

◆ do not pour the bottle during output

◆ minimize energy and water consumption

◆ maintain efficient operation and reduce the demand for maintenance services

the above requirements cannot be fully met by traditional bottle washing machines, and the technical advantages are brought into full play in the spiragrip mode

at present, 30 recycling PET bottle lines have been installed with similar bottle washing machines. Zhang Liyu, a consultant of Beijing Construction Engineering Research Institute, said that the design improvement work is under way to make it suitable for the cleaning of glass bottles at the same time. The glass bottle factor was not considered when developing the spiral mode at the beginning. Users of spiragrip plastic bottle washing machine reminded Krones to try to make these machines clean glass bottles as well. It is no exaggeration to say that Krones can make a technological innovation in the design of the bottle washing machine to achieve the goal of two washing with one machine

in fact, the first spiragrip bottle washing machine has been successfully debugged in hartwall brewery in Finland, and Krones has received more orders for glass washing machines

bottle feeding is easy

spiragrip mode bottle feeding is designed in a straight line, which is divided into several bottle conveying channels according to the speed requirements. Contrary to the traditional bottle washing machine,

spiragrip does not have a bottle feeding platform, which avoids scratches caused by bottle friction.

the bottle feeding in spiragrip mode is designed in a straight line, which is divided into several bottle conveying channels according to the speed requirements. Contrary to the traditional bottle washing machine, spiragrip does not have a bottle feeding platform, which avoids scratches caused by bottle friction. Thanks to a patented mechanical design in favor of materials, the bottle can maintain the correct longitude direction and channel transmission. The bottle feeding mechanism can automatically adjust with different bottle types, and is not limited by bottle diameter, bottle height and bottle shape

bottle delivery without touching

spiragrip's bottle carrying devices are all made of plastic, and three to six bottles are loaded and delivered according to different models. The bottle is loaded into the bottle carrying device, and the bottle carrying device drives the bottleneck to move. Because the bottle moves forward in a straight line, the bottle loading device puts down the bottle at the speed synchronized with the conveyor belt, and a flat sliding locking mechanism fixes but does not clamp the bottleneck. This process has many advantages:

◆ the bottleneck and base will not be damaged during movement

◆ due to the exposed surface of the bottle, the external cleaning effect is better

◆ because the bottle is not in the closed unit, the label and aluminum foil cap label fall off the machine immediately after the stripping action

◆ the internal spray pressure can reach the ideal high pressure without raising the bottle position

◆ do not touch the machine when the bottle moves along the process

◆ no scratch

minimum stress

the horizontal transmission chain reduces the load of the chain to the minimum, and the bottle washing machine moves in a horizontal circular motion mode. The transmission is carried out between the drive wheel and the variable force sprocket. The chain is guided by each variable force point. The tension load on the spiragrip system chain is many times smaller than that on the traditional bottle washing machine. When the chain is driven by the Krones standard synchronous drive wheel, the action sequence is carried out according to a reliable smoothness conducive to the material

best cleaning

Krones' spiragrip mode is a breakthrough in conceptual change.

it is used for the washing of plastic bottles and glass bottles at the same time.

the design idea and process device are very different from other bottle washing machines on the market.

bottles will constantly change their positions when passing through the bottle washing machine, so it is necessary to produce a variable spraying, soaking and drainage treatment sequence in the whole cleaning area. Spiragrip process principle will not bring water drops at the bottom of the bottle

the bottle washing machine is applicable to one or two alkali water tanks. The first alkali water tank can be used for soaking, and the second alkali water tank is used for the above-mentioned change treatment. The neck of the bottle is additionally treated in the alkaline water area with a special spray device to ensure that the most stubborn stains are cleaned away

when the bottle passes through the post-cleaning treatment area above the alkali tank, the same change of treatment sequence will occur, which means that 5 of the 6 post-treatment areas play a soaking role. This unique structure ensures the best cleaning effect, because spraying, soaking and drainage become part of the cleaning process of each treatment area. The long drip port between each cleaning area avoids the bottle from carrying water. In fact, the special bottle carrying device has reduced the water content of the bottle

simple off label

in the spiral bottle grasping mode, the label stripping becomes simple and easy, because the bottle is not installed in the closed unit, but is impacted by the liquid flow. After peeling, the label is quickly wrapped by running water, and then sent to the outside off label conveyor belt

the circulation unit of the off label system filters all the contents of the alkali water tank, and the label can be removed from the tank even when the bottle washer stops working. This ensures that the fallen labels are immediately cleaned from the machine. Spiragrip cleaning does not break or dissolve labels, and the alkali liquor replacement frequency is longer than that of other bottle washing machines, making bottle washing more economical

bottle outlet is unimpeded

like the bottle inlet system, the bottle loading device and the bottle outlet conveyor belt are synchronized. The bottom of the bottle contacts the conveyor chain of the conveyor belt and is fixed by the synchronous bottle carrying device until the bottle stands firmly. The plane slide is then opened, and the bottle loading device is raised back to the bottle feeding direction. The whole bottle discharging device has no noise and will not produce mechanical stress on the bottle

energy saving

spiragrip bottle washing machine has won an environmental protection award due to the small consumption of electricity and water, and has not encountered a competitor in this regard. The special alkali tank separation structure and heat preservation and water-saving post-treatment area reduce the water and electricity consumption of each bottle washing, thus saving the energy consumption of the whole system

the long dripping station, open bottle loading device and ingenious process principle also reduce the consumption of chemicals. In addition to the reduction of water, power and chemical consumption, the relevant parameters such as sewage and bottle outlet temperature have also been improved on the spiragrip bottle washing machine

maintenance saves money

the parts of the whole spiragrip bottle washer are made of light materials, which are easy to install and waterproof. The bottle loading device weighs only a few hundred grams and can be disassembled instantly if necessary. The design of the machine allows continuous visual supervision of all parts requiring maintenance, so that they can be replaced immediately when necessary

from the cost analysis of spare parts, it can be seen that the spinagrip bottle washing machine saves 40% of the cost compared with the traditional bottle washing machine. This price advantage can also be reflected through low maintenance costs

Krones announced that it would provide customers with environmentally friendly bottle washing machines with the lowest energy consumption, water consumption and chemical consumption, which has been achieved through the spiragrip system. After accumulating up to ten years of application experience, spiragrip bottle washing machine has matured to the hydraulic universal testing machine produced by Shandong StarTech. The main types are: waw (1) 000d microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine (6 columns), waw (1) 000b microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine (4 columns), wew (1) 000b/2000b microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine We ⑶ 00b/600b (30/60 tons) digital display hydraulic universal testing machine provides a technical innovation stage for cleaning all recycling containers

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