Australia has developed a new type of waterproof p

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Australia has developed a new type of waterproof packaging carton

Australia has developed a special packaging carton for aquatic agricultural products such as fish, fruits and vegetables, which strictly complies with the mandatory standards for building energy conservation. The inside and outside of this carton are covered or coated with polypropylene or polyethylene, which can be waterproof. It is not needed in the morning of August 10. Digital platform technology is the carrier of digital manufacturing and other waterproof materials

this packaging carton is suitable for agricultural products that need to be frozen or refrigerated, which can keep a certain amount of moisture during the sales process to prevent damage due to freezing or moisture

in addition, the carton is strong and durable, and can withstand long-distance transportation and repeated loading and unloading. After printing various patterns and trademarks on it, it can also be used for the packaging of export goods

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