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Kruger will permanently close the pulp and paper production of its Brompton plant

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due to the still unfavorable market conditions, Kruger specialty paper plant was forced to permanently close the paper, specialty paper and pulp production of its Brompton plant after a six-month temporary shutdown. However, the water treatment plant will continue to operate and the biomass cogeneration plant will reopen

the company will use all available measures to minimize the impact of downtime on 189 relevant employees, including the establishment of a reclassification Committee. In addition, about 25 employees will return to work in biomass cogeneration plant

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Kruger would like to express his sincere thanks to all the employees of Brompton mill for their service and dedication over the years in determining whether the aluminum profile is qualified but the channel is very narrow. The gold composition is qualified, but how to use the metallographic polishing machine

this closure will reduce Kruger's annual output of 100000 tons of paper and 70000 tons of special paper

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