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KR ü SS scientific instruments joined iacmi

these organizations plan to use their electrostatic phenomenon to bring a lot of harm to our experimental machine to further study surface science

k is an orderly "honeycomb" R SS scientific instrument company

Matthews, N.C., a supplier of surface tension and interface tension measuring instruments, recently announced its participation in the Institute of advanced composititemanufacturinginnovation (iacmi)

these organizations plan to use their joint networks to further carry out surface science research and provide opportunities

I look forward to the possibility of innovation brought by our cooperation and interaction within iacmi, Kr? Frederickfiddler, head of SS applications, said

our expertise and knowledge in surface science, combined with the rich industry challenges and experience of other iacmi members, will bring more intelligent manufacturing and better products in the future

John Hopkins, chief executive officer of iacmi, said: this cooperation supports iacmi's mission, that is, to provide a production related environment for innovation, so as to achieve our goal of creating low-cost and energy-saving composites. This experimental machine meets the use requirements and material production to promote domestic and international growth

Kr SS recently attended the iacmi member meeting held in Indianapolis, USA

From January 29 to 31, 2019, iacmi launched its manufacturingdesignlab at Purdue University on January 22

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