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This article, written by cuichuanzhen, executive deputy editor of information security research magazine, mainly summarizes the core values of Microsoft cloud computing services operated by 21vianet to provide Chinese customers with a more secure and reliable cloud service experience

the cycle of the sun and the moon and the transformation of the stars. Three years ago, Microsoft and 21vianet played the clarion call that the high-frequency fatigue testing machine is more effective than other types of fatigue testing machines. Trusted cloud has entered the Chinese cloud market. In the past three years, the strong combination of the two companies has enabled trusted cloud to successfully take root in China, become stronger and stronger in the Chinese market, and go farther and farther on the road of dream

at present, China is implementing national strategies such as networking power, Internet + strategy and big data. Cloud computing applications are also becoming more and more mature. China's cloud service industry is breaking out in an all-round way and entering a high growth stage, stepping into an era of experience and application. Cloud services have become the basic technology in various industries. Nowadays, hot big data, artificial intelligence and other emerging fields are inseparable from cloud computing support

the first international public cloud brand to land in China, together with 21vianet blue cloud

based on the high recognition of the Chinese government and the Chinese market, Microsoft decided to increase investment and cooperation in China. In 2012, Microsoft reached an agreement with 21vianet to deliver cloud technologies and products to 21vianet for operation. In 2013, Microsoft azure and office 365 operated by 21vianet were the first international public cloud brands to enter China, opening the curtain on China's public cloud service market. In 2014, Microsoft azure and office 365 services operated by 21vianet were put into commercial operation. In 2016, power Bi services operated by 21vianet were launched in China

the entry of Microsoft has enabled China's public cloud services to enter a relatively standardized, standard and professional development and competition track, which has attracted attention from all walks of life. The four principles of trusted cloud proposed by Microsoft: security, privacy and control, compliance and transparency explain the core values of Microsoft cloud computing services, and gradually become the factual standard and service standard of the industry. Microsoft cloud technology is significantly different from other IAAs cloud infrastructure services in China that simply focus on computing and storage. Relying on the integration advantages of Microsoft's own powerful software ecosystem, including windows operating system, office application software and database, Microsoft provides differentiated public cloud services for commercial customers. At the same time, Microsoft will take advantage of its unique advantages as the world's largest enterprise software market leader to provide more comprehensive and complete service experience for domestic users. 21vianet provides bearing and operation guarantee services for the operation of the public cloud, develops strengths and circumvents weaknesses through strategic coordination, and achieves leapfrog development

over the past three years, great achievements have been made.

in January 2015, the opinions of the State Council on promoting the innovative development of cloud computing and cultivating new business forms of the information industry was released: cloud computing enterprises are supported to strengthen R & D cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises through overseas mergers and acquisitions, joint operations, deployment of cloud computing data centers overseas and the establishment of research and development institutions, so as to guide foreign investors to invest in China's cloud computing related industries in accordance with relevant regulations

it is precisely in strict compliance with national regulations and policies and continuous efforts. Over the past three years, Microsoft azure and office 365 have developed into one of the most important forces in the Chinese cloud market as an effective way to activate and release downstream demand. The cooperation mode between Microsoft and 21vianet has also become a model in the cloud field in China and the United States. It has been used for reference by many enterprises and has provided excellent technology and services, It has solved tens of thousands of difficult problems for nearly 70000 enterprise users, such as China Merchants Securities, Rolls Royce, digital China, Kingdee, wensihaihui, hasile, HNA, Mengniu, Haier, Xiaomi, LETV, Phoenix, etc. it has also obtained the three-level record of information system security protection of the Ministry of public security, and has passed the trusted cloud service certification led by the Ministry of industry and information technology for three consecutive years

21vianet blue cloud operates exclusively to provide customers with high-quality services

in December 2014, the opinions on strengthening the security management of cloud computing services in party and government departments issued by the central information office proposed that sensitive data should not be exported, and cloud computing service platforms and data centers that provide services to Party and government departments should be located in China. In the same year, two national standards on cloud computing service security, cloud computing service security guide and cloud computing service security capability requirements, were issued. The above regulatory standards provide guidance for the secure application of public cloud computing services in China. Microsoft is a leading enterprise in the global cloud computing field. It has actively cooperated with Chinese enterprises to create a trusted cloud computing ecological environment, especially the mode of localized operation of cloud computing services. Microsoft azure, office 365 and power Bi, independently operated by 21vianet, are committed to providing reliable cloud services for customers, ensuring that customer data is always located in China and infrastructure is operated by local companies in China

at present, there are very few international public cloud platforms that can be commercialized in China, and the output continues to grow at an average annual rate of more than 25%. Blue cloud has passed the strict evaluation of the government and become China's first international cloud computing platform

azure, office 365 and power Bi are exclusively carried by Shanghai lanyunluo Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of 21vianet, and are responsible for all product operations and services, including data center management, software platform operation and maintenance, customer technical and business support, compliance consulting and customer boss system. In consideration of information security, the Chinese government has strict requirements for the settlement of international public cloud in China

Microsoft azure, office 365 and power Bi operated by 21vianet follow Microsoft's globally unified standard technical architecture and operation and maintenance specifications, and take the lead in providing SLA service commitments with financial guarantee. The two data centers in northern and eastern China are thousands of miles apart, providing up to 6 data backups, and a technical team of more than 400 people ensure the all-weather localization service of 7*24*365. Microsoft's sales team will work with it experts to deeply understand customers' application scenarios and needs, so as to provide them with the most appropriate technologies, services and solutions

the transformation from IDC to cloud computing can be described as taking advantage of the trend. By integrating internationally leading cloud services, 21vianet blue cloud has covered a series of solutions from Fenghuo hydropower, infrastructure, network, IDC to cloud operating system, cloud platform, and then to front-end and back-end operation and maintenance services. Tang Tao, general manager of technology operation and maintenance of 21vianet blue cloud business unit, believes that the operation and maintenance service capability is the biggest advantage of the company compared with other cloud computing manufacturers

different from other public clouds in the current market, blue cloud provides the most comprehensive cloud services, both IAAs and PAAS services (Microsoft Azure) and SaaS services (office 365 and powerbi). Other public cloud platform businesses are mostly developed at IAAs and PAAS levels, as well as related customer financial services. Microsoft azure, office 365 and power Bi operated by 21vianet can promise up to 99.99% service availability. Azure storage has reached the industry's highest backup quantity index, which can ensure safe, reliable, flexible and efficient cloud services. Its performance has become the industry's service benchmark

strictly protect customers' rights and interests and gain customers' trust

in view of the data ownership that customers care about and the security and privacy protection of customer data, 21vianet blue cloud company has made it clear in the agreement that except for the software licensed by the company, it will ensure that customer data does not leave the country and that customers have ownership and access control over customer data. The company only has the right to host customer data in the system. Customer data will not be mined, nor will it involve any e-commerce and advertising business, nor will it be used for any commercial purposes

21vianet blue cloud actively learns to follow Microsoft's high standard management process. For example, data privacy protection requires itself to comply with the most stringent EU model clauses and some terms of ISO 27018, making many major customers more at ease. Over the past three years, the company has won high praise and trust from customers with the spirit of contract and perfect professional services. China Merchants Securities commented that in the era of mobile Internet, azure's clear cloud strategy can better help us build a real enterprise cloud hybrid platform, and finally chose azure as the only cloud service provider for this project; Digital China commented that azure is an advanced and reliable public cloud platform. The combination of Beijing Digital China BMS system and azure enables us to quickly bring the new generation of IT technology into the daily business of enterprise customers, providing new impetus for China's lean manufacturing

the three parties work together to promote the ecological development of cloud computing in China

after the successful implementation of public cloud technology in China, Microsoft has also moved towards a broader cloud computing market and ecological environment. At the 8th China US internet forum in september2015, Ziguang, 21vianet and Microsoft signed a tripartite memorandum of strategic cooperation, and Ziguang and 21vianet formed Ziguang Internet Technology Co., Ltd. Ziguang Internet will rely on Microsoft's hybrid cloud service technology and solutions to create a secure, autonomous, controllable and world leading hybrid cloud solution and provide exclusive cloud services. This is the further development of Microsoft in the Chinese market after the cooperation of 21vianet

in September 2015, kewenda, President of 21vianet blue cloud, signed an agreement with zhaoweiguo, chairman of Ziguang Co., Ltd., and he Lefu, senior vice president of Microsoft, chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China, announcing the provision of hybrid cloud solutions and related services for Chinese users

2016 in July, at the Microsoft Global Partner Conference (wpc2016), satyanadella, CEO of Microsoft Alaincrozier, chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China, global director of Microsoft cloud products division, zhaoweiguo, chairman of Ziguang group, Qi Lian, CO president and chairman of Ziguang Internet, etc., agreed to attach great importance to the strategic partnership reached, jointly develop world-class technical standards and products related to security performance, and launch safe, neutral Advanced hybrid cloud products and related services have become a model of pragmatic cooperation and mutual benefit between the United States and China

pressure and prospects: a quiet leader in technology and services

2015, in the relevant survey reports released by IDC and Forrester, trusted cloud azure was rated as the leader in China's public cloud market. Referring to the cooperation mode between Microsoft and 21vianet, many international cloud computing giants actively seize the Chinese market and reach agreements with domestic service providers to operate their cloud services, such as SAP and Chinatelecom, Oracle and Tencent cloud, through Sino foreign cooperation

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