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On September, 2019, Beijing Jitian Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jitian instrument") a subsidiary of spotlight technology successfully held the "2019 Jitian instrument phase III atomic fluorescence training course" at its headquarters in Beijing. More than 50 students from various provinces and cities across the country met with Jitian instruments in Beijing to participate in this training class

the trainees of the training class took a group photo to commemorate the

before the training class, Mr. Zhao, the marketing director of Jitian instrument, made an opening speech. While warmly welcoming the customers of the training class, he also briefly introduced the development status and mission vision of Jitian instrument. Mr. Zhao stressed that Jitian instrument hoped to build a communication bridge with customers through the training course, which was highly recognized by the customers present

Mr. Zhao, marketing director of Jitian instrument, made an opening speech

to provide customers with perfect after-sales training services. Jitian instrument is attentive and sincere. According to the previous customer survey, this training course adopts the training method of combining theoretical teaching and learning with actual machine sampling. Accordingly, we are deeply moved by the earnest and down-to-earth learning attitude and tireless learning spirit of customers

according to the customer research report, we arranged the learning content of the theory course according to the actual needs of the customers. Several senior senior engineers from Jitian instrument, facing the severe energy and environmental challenges, first introduced the principles and applications of various instruments from the actual problems and needs of the customers. We listened to the report carefully and took notes from time to time, especially some practical problems encountered in work, We had an in-depth discussion with the teaching engineer, and the engineer patiently answered and gave effective solutions, which was recognized by the customers present

excellent overview of the theoretical course of the training class

Professor Xingzhi from the analysis and testing center of Tsinghua University was specially invited to give a special report on "development of chemical vapor generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry" and program arbitrary control. The development history of chemical vapor generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry is briefly introduced, and the technical development of AFS in excitation light source, atomizer, reaction system and injection method are introduced. Professor Xing's detailed and profound report and fascinating teaching methods deeply attracted the customers present, and their enthusiasm for the lectures was particularly high

Professor Xingzhi of Tsinghua University gives a report

according to the needs of customers, Jitian instruments has specially prepared computer practice courses for customers. The senior engineer explained in detail the daily disassembly of the instrument and the use and maintenance of key components. Under the leadership of the engineer, the students also actually measured samples, consolidated their theoretical knowledge, and discussed with the field engineer about the problems in their daily sampling process. They all said that they had benefited a lot

highlights of the training course

the successful holding of "Jitian instrument 2019 phase III atomic fluorescence training course" is inseparable from the support of all participants in the 3.2.2 speed selection. Thank you very much for your trust and support to Jitian instrument. Jitian instrument will never forget the years of hard work in the industry of China No. 5 mine, forge ahead, and give back the trust of users with more advanced technology and better services

with the continuous expansion of Jitian instrument's customer base, at the request of old customers, we will hold targeted training courses on flow injection technology, pretreatment technology, portable temperament technology, ICP technology, etc. teachers are welcome to pay attention to our officials and sign up actively

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