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With white as the basic tone, it creates a simple and atmospheric modern style, showing a happy atmosphere of wanton relaxation

this case is three rooms and two halls, with an area of 104 ㎡. It takes white as the basic tone to create a simple and atmospheric modern style. Taking the beam body and moving line as the natural boundary of the space, planning the open life function, presenting each space perfectly, and bringing a happy atmosphere of wanton relaxation to the owner's family

▲ Jia Haixing, a designer of Shandong Liaocheng Kefan

▲ the design of the household cabinet is attentive enough. The shoe cabinet is installed in the air, with a combination of high and low, which is very humanized. It not only has a personalized shape, but also has the effect of capacity expansion

▲ guest restaurant

the color of the whole living room is mainly light color, with black-and-white TV cabinet and black coffee table, the simple and fashionable design sense looks very atmospheric. There is no partition between the guest restaurants, and they are in the same space, which brings a very open sense of space. Under the loose space, the relaxed and natural pattern is particularly comfortable

▲ the kitchen

adopts an L-shaped design, and the marble tabletop looks not easy to get dirty. With the Nordic ash wood floor cabinet, the space lines are simple and generous, giving the kitchen people a relaxed and comfortable feeling

▲ the super large glass window design in the master bedroom is bright and transparent, creating a floating window. It is also a very pleasant enjoyment to curl up by the window in a quiet summer afternoon, quietly read a book, and occasionally look at the street corner scenery

the TV cabinet in the master bedroom is coordinated with the design style of the whole room. The integrated design of storage cabinet + bookcase makes it more functional under the same space

▲ girls' room

in order to create a princess room for children, light pink design is adopted in a large area, which is soothing and soft. The corners are designed with humanized fillets, so you don't have to worry about bumping accidentally. Give children a space to learn. Wardrobe + bookcase integration is especially suitable for such a long house type

the above work of Jia Haixing, the designer of Shandong Liaocheng Kefan

is the fourth rated work in this Kefan designer competition (Season II) ~

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