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According to disinfection methods and temperature characteristics, there are two main categories at present. One is a high-temperature disinfection cabinet with far-infrared electric heating elements as the heat source, and the temperature in the cabinet can reach about 125C during operation; The other is a low-temperature disinfection cabinet that disinfects with ozone. When the low-temperature disinfection cabinet is working, if the cabinet door is not tightly sealed, unpleasant ozone will escape, affecting people's mood and environmental health, and it is not easy to be accepted by users. Therefore, most products on the market are high-temperature disinfection cabinets

according to the external style, there are two kinds of disinfection cabinets: vertical and horizontal. In previous years, the market was dominated by vertical disinfection cabinets, such as "Kangbao", "ante", etc. in recent years, because the horizontal disinfection cabinet can be hung on the wall or directly embedded into the wall during decoration, it can improve the space utilization rate of the kitchen and make it more convenient to use. Therefore, horizontal disinfection cabinets are gradually favored

there are single door cabinets and double door cabinets according to appearance; According to the way of temperature control, there are mechanical temperature control and computer temperature control; According to the way of timing, there are many types, such as mechanical timing, computer timing and automatic timing

according to the volume, the disinfection cabinet has 30 l, 50 L, 80 l, 100 L, 150 l, 250 L, 350 L and other series. In our family, the requirements for capacity will be relatively low, but this needs to be decided according to your family members. It is recommended here that the volume of household disinfection cabinet is 50 ~ 80L and the power is about 600W

with the continuous improvement of our living standards, we have higher requirements for kitchen decoration. It will not only require the function of the disinfection cabinet, but also whether the disinfection cabinet is matched with our kitchen. According to the installation method, there are vertical, horizontal, wall mounted, embedded, floor mounted, desktop, open door and drawer types. At present, it is more popular to produce embedded disinfection cabinets matched with the overall kitchen. This is the first step for newly dressed families. It is not only practical but also beautiful

according to the classification of different types of disinfection cabinets, you can choose to buy disinfection cabinets suitable for your own kitchen characteristics according to your own personal family's actual situation

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