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The theme of the world telecommunication and information society day: "promoting ICT entrepreneurship and expanding social impact"

it was learned from the International Telecommunication Union and the Department of international cooperation of the Ministry of industry and information technology that the theme of the world telecommunication and information society day on May 17, 2016 was determined to promote ICT entrepreneurship, Expand social impact (Mr. guyongtao (left), President of ICT entrepreneurship f China Hengrui Co., Ltd., and Mr. guzhiqiang (right), director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Changshu national high tech Industrial Development Zone, jointly signed the settlement agreement or social impact in the presence of Jiabin)

ITU mentioned that entrepreneurs, start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) can play a particularly relevant role in ensuring sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Their participation in the development of innovative fuse ICT solutions has unique potential and will have a far-reaching impact on the global, regional and national economies. At the same time, they are also an important source of new employment opportunities, especially for young people, in today's knowledge-based economy

the theme of the world telecommunication and information society day in 2016 is in line with the work carried out by ITU: make full use of the potential of ICT, give full play to the role of young inventors and entrepreneurs, innovative SMEs, start-ups and technology centers in promoting innovative practical solutions, so as to promote the sustainable development of low-carbon alloy steel or medium carbon steel and heat treatment (quenching and tempering) for bolts of grade 8.8 and above, Particular emphasis was placed on small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries

world telecommunication day has been celebrated every year since 1969 on May 17, which is also the anniversary of the founding of ITU in 1865. In november2005, the World Summit on the information society called on the United Nations General Assembly to designate May 17 as world information society day. The General Assembly adopted a resolution in march2006. The ITU plenipotentiary conference held in November2006 decided to merge the two sections

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