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Dena Rexroth R3 hydrostatic mechanical stepless transmission entered the trial production and testing stage

Dena Rexroth R3 hydrostatic mechanical stepless transmission entered the trial production and testing stage

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november22,2016 - Dena Rexroth transmission system company today announced that several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have started the trial production and testing of R3 hydrostatic mechanical stepless transmission (HVT)

the hvtr3 of Dena Rexroth transmission systems adopts a modular design and is suitable for a variety of application configurations, including wheel loaders, graders, industrial forklifts, front hoists, forestry skidders and other off-road mechanical equipment. This gearbox can even lead the development of the industry. It is designed for applications with net input power between 200 and 270kw (268 to 362hp)

"off highway vehicles have now developed into more and more complex systems with high-tech attributes, so OEMs and operators require a smoother and quieter driving experience. Today, the industry also puts forward comprehensive requirements for fuel economy, performance and handling," said rolandfriedl, head of sales and product management at dnrexroth transmission systems, "Dynarexroth's hvtr3 advanced solution achieves an excellent balance between efficiency and handling performance. We can support customers interested in this high-quality solution in China and around the world."

driven by the "made in China 2025" strategic plan, China's construction application equipment market is rapidly transforming towards a more comprehensive and high-tech direction. Consistent with the principle that innovation promotes production in this plan means that this scheme can reduce the activation temperature of adhesive from 90 ° to 45 ° C, denarexroth has put forward a similar concept, focusing on achieving excellent production through continuous improvement and technological development

a variety of experiments of Denalis wood-based panels can be completed only with the help of fixtures. Ledi HVT is produced by the joint venture of Denalis Co., Ltd. and BoschRexroth. This product can significantly reduce fuel consumption by reducing the engine speed (as low as 600rpm) during the whole working cycle and idle speed. The application analysis shows that the miniaturization of the engine may further save fuel without affecting the performance

danarexrothhvt realizes sensitive and accurate vehicle positioning function, and the stepless drive function can improve acceleration while maintaining traction. HVT optimizes the operation of diesel engine by decoupling the transmission speed and engine speed, and reduces the maintenance cost by adopting hydrostatic braking and wear-free clutch free commutation

danarexrothh's HVT system can help equipment manufacturers reduce complexity, because the entire gear, clutch and hydraulic component system is managed by an advanced electronic control unit (ECU) and efficiency optimized by a single supplier. At booth 210 in hall N5 of BMW Shanghai, Dena will display Dena Rexroth hvtr2 suitable for output power of 135 to 210Kw (180 to 282hp). Hvtr2 is the first hydro mechanical continuously variable transmission of dynarexroth, which was officially put into operation in early 2016. At present, hvtr2 is equipped with Kalmar's high-efficiency kk--motion drive train, and is equipped with Kalmar's new Gloria series front crane

introduction to dynarexroth transmission system company

dynarexroth transmission system company was established in 2011. It is a joint venture of dynarexroth Co., Ltd. (New York Stock Exchange code: Dan) and boschrexrothag (Germany Bosch Rexroth company) with equal shares (50% each). The company's establishment goal is to develop and manufacture advanced transmission transmissions for off highway markets. The hydrostatic mechanical continuously variable transmission (HVT) system developed and manufactured by the company combines the professional knowledge of Dena company in the design and manufacturing of off-road transmission and the rich experience of Bosch Rexroth company in the hydraulic system. Does the inductive displacement sensing tool have sliding contacts. The advanced HVT system developed by the company is mainly aimed at off-road applications and focuses on meeting customers' needs for improving fuel economy, efficiency, emissions and handling. Dena Rexroth transmission systems is headquartered in AGCO, Italy

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