The third Beijing Workers' numerical control skill

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The third Beijing Workers' numerical control skills competition was officially launched. After careful preparation, the third Beijing Workers' numerical control skills competition (hereinafter referred to as the numerical control competition) was officially launched on May 14, 2009. On the same day, the Organizing Committee of the numerical control competition held a press conference in Beijing Qianmen Jianguo Hotel

the NC contest was initiated in 2005 by the value meeting measured by the chief engineer of Beijing, CO sponsored with the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, and organized by the Beijing Workers' Technical Association and the Beijing technical exchange center. The numerical control contest is one of the brand activities of the Beijing Federation of trade unions, which can be divided into pan based carbon fiber, viscose based carbon fiber, asphalt based carbon fiber and phenolic based carbon fiber to lead employees to improve their technological innovation ability. It is an important measure for trade union organizations to adapt to the development of the times and meet the needs of employees. The previous two NC competitions have received strong support from all walks of life, and enterprises and employees have also focused on and actively participated in them. Many enterprises have awarded the award-winning contestants the title of "chief employee", or given them incentives such as salary promotion, subsidies, one-time heavy awards and study abroad, which has stimulated the enthusiasm of employees to study NC technology and achieved the goal of popularizing NC Application Technology in the city, It has promoted the technical quality of employees and the core competitiveness of enterprises, and provided a platform for the selection and training of highly skilled talents for the revitalization of the capital's modern manufacturing industry

with the rapid development of modern manufacturing technology, it has become an irreversible trend for numerical control machine tools to replace traditional machine tools. Numerical control technology will become the core technology to support modern manufacturing industry. Mastering the core technology of equipment manufacturing industry as a breakthrough to improve industrial competitiveness is also an urgent need to build an innovative country and an innovative city

therefore, this competition will focus on the assessment of innovative ideas, closely follow the trend of numerical control technology, and try to show the new ideas of today's numerical control processing technology and the new operation and programming methods of numerical control machine tools in the practical test questions; Strengthen the compound technology of NC machining process, guide the players to explore the new technology of NC machining; Highlight the processing elements with typical characteristics of the industry, and enhance the quality awareness of competitors in NC processing; Highlight the comprehensive application and assessment of process capability; In the practice competition, both manual programming and automatic programming are emphasized, and the application of data transmission, re line processing and other functions in the CNC system is promoted; Guide the application of tooling fixtures in NC machining to irregular and complex parts, and improve the use ability of new tools

this competition is divided into three types of work: CNC lathe workers, CNC milling workers and machining center operators, which are the key technical workers to break through the development of composite fuselage structure, focusing on the assessment of theoretical knowledge, software application and operation skills. This CNC contest will be divided into three stages: preliminary contest, semi-final contest and final contest. In each stage, the top 30% of the participants will be promoted to the next stage of the competition according to the ranking of the number of participants. Those who have achieved excellent results in each stage will obtain the professional qualifications of intermediate workers, senior workers, technicians and senior technicians. The top three players of each type of work in the final contest can apply for the "capital labor medal"

the preliminary contest will start in late May and will be organized by enterprises. It will end before the end of the month. The semi-finals will be held in early July and the finals will be held in mid August. During the competition, a series of lectures on numerical control technology and technical forums will be arranged

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