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Bayer's third raw material application thesis competition was officially launched

the third raw material application thesis competition organized by Bayer materials technology has been officially launched. Through the successful holding of the previous two sessions, Bayer not only collected a large number of high-quality research papers, but also recruited talents and injected fresh blood into Bayer materials technology. On this basis, Bayer will continue to provide academic exchanges for aspiring young people this year, which leads to the opportunity of collision between a certain limited flow platform and ideas for installing mobile devices in the sensor of the gripper, and encourages people from all walks of life to explore new applications of coatings, adhesives and special chemical raw materials from an innovative perspective

as a pioneer in innovation and environmental protection in the industry, Bayer has always adhered to the social commitment of "safety, environmental protection and sustainable development" and implemented the business philosophy of "science, technology and innovation". The paper contest was held to further respond to the slogan of "environmental protection innovation". As one of the judges, Mr. lixilin, vice president of Greater China of Bayer materials technology coatings, adhesives and special chemicals, said: "the environmental protection principles of society and care have prompted us to spare no effort to vigorously promote the development of environmental protection products in China and contribute to the realization of China's environmental sustainability development goals at the press conference held on November 24 local time." President Li is convinced that young talents can take advantage of this paper competition to express their views and contribute to the innovation and development of China's coating industry

the two previous thesis competitions attracted many positive responses and contributions from universities, research institutes and enterprises, and built a platform for experts and researchers in the industry to exchange and discuss, and a platform for combining research and application. Bai Chenyan, the third prize winner of the first paper competition, has now joined Bayer's Shanghai polymer R & D center. She deeply realized: "Bayer materials technology has always been at the forefront of the industry. With my yearning and longing for Bayer, I participated in the paper competition. This paper competition broadened my horizons, exposed me to more of the most advanced technologies in the industry, and also knew a lot of professionals in the industry. It can be almost infinite."

the jury of this thesis competition is composed of senior experts in the industry at home and abroad to ensure that the competition is fair, fair and high-quality. There are three special prizes, five first prizes and five second prizes, and ten third prizes. Bayer will provide the winners with the opportunity to visit the European paint exhibition in person. Through this competition, the winners also have the opportunity to join Bayer and become a member of Bayer team

in addition to Bayer employees, this competition is also open to all technicians, engineers, researchers, university teachers and students or other experts from China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The solicitation of papers ended at the end of July, 2011. For more details about the contest, please log in or this will be a more popular material

about coatings, adhesives and special chemicals (CAS) business department

cas business department is subordinate to Bayer materials technology, which mainly produces a variety of raw materials for manufacturing coatings, adhesives, sealants and functional films. The industries served include: Automobile/transportation, furniture, construction, packaging, footwear, it and electronic/electrical industries

adhering to Bayer's global commitment of "science and technology create a better life" and Bayer's climate protection plan, CAS business department is increasingly promoting the use of aqueous dispersion as the preferred raw material for coatings and adhesives. Waterborne polyurethane dispersion (PUD) plays an important role in reducing volatile organic compounds (VOC). PUD is applied to coating and adhesive formulation, fabric and leather coating and glass fiber adhesive. Its applications include the bonding of high-quality sports shoe soles; Coating of furniture, parquet floors, vehicles, plastic parts and industrial products; And the bonding of the car interior

about Bayer materials technology

Bayer materials technology is one of the largest polymer production companies in the world, with sales volume of 7.52 billion euros in 2009 (continuous operation). Its business scope mainly focuses on the manufacturing of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative solutions for many fields of daily life. The industries served mainly include: automobile industry, electronics and electrical industry, construction industry, sports and leisure industry. By the end of 2009, Bayer materials technology had 30 production bases and about 14300 employees in the world. Bayer materials technology belongs to Bayer Group

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