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The third anniversary of the listing of asistroneng: the first intention not to change and strive is not only to raise the national brand flag

the third anniversary of the listing of asistroneng: the first intention not to change and strive is not only to raise the national brand flag

September 29, 2020

in the three years since the listing, asistroneng has given investors a brilliant answer. The company's operating revenue increased by about 79% from 2017 to 2019, and by about 34% in the first half of 2020

on September 28, the third anniversary of the listing of asistroneng (603378) with the theme of "never change your mind, never stop striving", so this material can also be used as a convenient electronic emission source and a new retail conference to hold a grand coating at the China Pavilion of Shanghai WorldExpo. Nearly 400 guests listened to the company's founder's original intention and struggle, shared high-speed growth experience, and witnessed the first launch of the "Asian lacquer China lacquer" brand promotional film

at the event site

the original intention remains unchanged and the struggle continues

national brands build an ecological circle of sustainable development

the event released the brand propaganda film of "Asian lacquer and Chinese lacquer" for the first time. Taking advantage of the beauty of the east to express his love to the great motherland, asiqi vowed to be outstanding for his family and country. "Outstanding for you" and "outstanding for home and country" demonstrate brand confidence, Chinese confidence and national confidence

the third anniversary of the listing of the brand image film of "Asiatic paint China paint" is another key node on the development path of Asiatic after its listing in 2017 and the opening of a new era of youth Asiatic in 2018. Lijinzhong, chairman and President of ASI Chuang Neng, delivered a keynote speech on "never change your original intention, never stop striving" at the meeting, once again explaining your original intention, determination and pace to all ASI people and the industry

starting from the top-level design of corporate culture, Mr. Li explained the original intention of sustainable development, sustainable value creation and building a new era enterprise in terms of vision and mission. Times have changed, and the corporate vision of youth Yashi ecosystem culture has also injected new era momentum, but Yashi's original intention of adhering to sustainable development has not changed. He pointed out that, standing on the big stage of the capital market, Yashi was well aware of the importance of the nation and the feelings of the country. Only when the enterprise achieves high-speed development with quality can it repay the love and expectation of the whole society for Yashi. On the road of adhering to the original intention, the company has always adhered to the strategic investment of the enterprise, and all Asian scholars have always worked hard

thanks to the great times, the principles and policies of the party and the state, and the tolerance and understanding of the whole society, Yashi has achieved data growth in terms of performance, business, development scale and capital market in the three years since its listing: the company's operating revenue has increased by 79% from 2017 to 2019, and by 34% in the first half of 2020; The share price increased by 5.76 times from the issue price of 12.94 yuan to the recent highest price of 87.56 yuan; It took only 2 years, 9 months and 17 days to break the market value of 10 billion yuan for the first time, setting a historical record of the industry's shortest time to stand at the market value of 10 billion yuan. High growth in 2020 is expected

with the blood of the times and the blood of high-speed running, Yashi explored mechanism innovation and mode innovation on the basis of product innovation and system innovation, and proposed digital transformation. In the past 22 years, its operating income has increased by 200 times

for the future, director Li has given a clear direction from the perspective of enterprise development orientation. He pointed out that the future industry of Yashi is not a single business industry, but a "beautiful home industry" defined from the needs of consumers. Yashi's future ecology must be three-dimensional, standardized and platformized. As long as the people of Asia do not change their minds and struggle, their future development goals will come naturally

embracing the new era

Yashi's new retail achievement new model, new mechanism and new power

in the context of economic internal circulation, gaming from existing consumers has become an important direction for the sustainable development of enterprises

wangyongjun, director and executive vice president of ASI Chuang Neng, said that revitalizing the retail business strategically is not only the inevitable choice for the development vision of ASI enterprises, but also the inevitable mission of national brands in China's coating industry. What we should do is to create differentiated value, including product differentiation, mode differentiation and service differentiation. It is expected that in the near future, the new retail sector will become a new driving force and a new cornerstone for the sustainable development of Asia

traditional enterprises inject digital blood

at the conference on Alibaba cloud helping Yashi digital transformation, Yashi Chuang Neng also held a signing ceremony for digital transformation strategic cooperation with Alibaba cloud. The two sides will fully tap and use their respective advantages, integrate high-quality resources, jointly promote the deepening cooperation between the two sides in the fields of new retail, global marketing, B2B, industrial interconnection, cloud computing and big data, and jointly create a beautiful home furnishing industry benchmark leading the future business model

the chief reception hall was full of dry goods.

at the press conference, Fanchao, chief analyst of Changjiang Securities Building materials, and wangxiaojing, director of China Fashion Color Association, delivered keynote speeches on "underestimated track, rapid growth" and "trends of indoor color and lifestyle in spring and summer 2021". Twelve industry celebrities were invited to attend the two theme forums of "development prospect of China's large construction coating industry" and "transformation prospect of retail business of home decoration building materials" hosted by ZouGe, chief analyst of building materials at GF Securities, and zhengxiaogang, chief analyst of China Merchants Securities, respectively, and each published a professional and unique view at the midpoint of this model

the beauty of the secret place

the "Twelve secret places" of Asiatic paint amazes the scene

color, which plays a variety of charm in the home atmosphere and is the most direct expression of taste. The "Twelve secret places" fashion show of Asiatic paint will bring the guests to a fantastic journey in the starry sky and lead the fashion trend of finished color

"Twelve mysteries" fashion show

stands at the new starting point of the third anniversary of listing. Yashi will not change its original intention, adhere to the road of sustainable development, and its characteristics of tightening deformation and anti slip are better than EVA foam board, which resonates with the new era, and continue to create value for customers, the industry and the society. At the same time, Yashi will continue to take the development of national brands as its own responsibility, and strive for a better home furnishing industry and a better future for Yashi

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