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Title: laminated film source: JP (publication date: 2005.06.09, application date: 2003.11.12) Applicant: Toray IND INC novelty of the invention: the laminated film includes a/b/a layer structure or b/a/b layer structure, layer (a) contains crystalline polylactic acid polymer A, and layer (b) contains crystalline resin component B. The glass transition temperature Tg, melting point TM and crystallization temperature Tc of polymers a and B satisfy a specific relationship: TG (a) ≥ TG (b), TM (a) ≥ TC (b). Usage: it can be used as packaging materials and industrial materials. Advantages: the laminated film has tear resistance and solvent resistance. As an industrial material and packaging material, it has good opening, solvent resistance and printability. The laminated ExxonMobil introduced two new brands of iquid XP films at the 2016 K exhibition, which are safe, reliable, biodegradable and can decompose rapidly. 14. Title: polylactic acid laminated film source: JP (publication date: June 9, 2005, application date: November 11, 2003) Applicant: CI Kasei Co Ltd the novelty of the invention is that the laminated film is composed of three or more layers formed by CO extruding the mixture of polylactic acid (wt%) and plasticizer (wt%). The surface layer of the laminated film contains inorganic compound ultrafine powder (wt%) 0, Lubricant 0, Take the mixture as 100. The thickness of the laminated film is μ m。 Compared with the total film thickness, the surface layer thickness accounts for%. Uses: used as packaging film, stretching film and protective film for agricultural film, food and other products. Advantages: the laminated film has excellent elasticity, transparency, biodegradability and anti adhesion. 15. Title: polylactic acid type multilayered sheet and its manufacturing method source: JP (publication date: 2005.05.12, application date: 2003.10.15) Applicant: Kanebo GOSEN KK, Kanebo Ltd the invention is innovative in that: a polylactic acid multilayered sheet comprises a layer (a), which is composed of a lactic acid polyester component including a lactic acid component (I) and a polyester component (II); And layer (b), which is composed of lactic acid polyester component and polylactic acid. The planar orientation (DeltaP) of the sheet is ≤ 0.0300, the release of thermal energy (DeltaH) is ≤ 15j/g, and the melting point is ℃. The polylactic acid multilayer sheet is manufactured by uniaxial drawing and biaxial drawing processes. Application: it can be used in food packaging bags, garbage bags, umbrellas, agricultural films, gardening films, product packaging films, projector films, reflective films and LCD films. Advantages: polylactic acid multilayer sheet has high transparency, excellent heat resistance and folding resistance. Focus technology: the B-layer of multilayer sheet contains at most 99wt% polylactic acid. The lactic acid component (I) in the lactic acid polyester component is polylactic acid, and the polyester component (II) is polyester with aliphatic polyester as the main component. The aliphatic content of polyester component (II) is%, and the B layer accounts for% of the whole sheet. Best properties: the haze value of multi-layer sheet is ≤ 20% and the thickness is 0.3mm. The best method: the heating time of multi-layer sheet is ≥ 1s, and the heating temperature is ≤ 90 ℃. 16. Title: biodegradab causes pressure fluctuation to produce noise Le laminate source: JP (publication date: April 14, 2005, application date: September 25, 2003) Applicant: Ube ind Ltd novelty of the invention: the biodegradable laminate contains a polylactic acid layer and a polyoxalic acid layer, and the structure of the polyoxalic acid is preset. The structure of the polyoxalic acid involved in the invention is: - (o-r-o-c (=o) -c (=o)) n-, where R is an alkylene group, containing a branched chain structure or an aliphatic structure, and the main chain C and N are positive integers. Use: the biodegradable laminate can be used as film, sheet and molded products. Advantages: the laminate is biodegradable and has excellent air tightness and transparency. Focus technology --- preferred component: polyoxalic acid is polydimethylcyclohexenoic acid, the average molecular weight of polyoxalic acid is, and the average molecular weight of polylactic acid is. The haze of polyoxalic acid film is ≤ 0.4. 17. Title: polylactic acid laminated sheet for thermal bending forming source: JP (publication date: December 24, 2004, application date: June 5, 2003) Applicant: Mitsubishi plastics in Sandvik machining D Ltd. novelty of the invention: the laminate comprises polylactic acid based polymer layers (a, b); The melting point (TMB) of the polylactic acid based polymer layer (b) is lower than the melting point (TMA) of the polymer layer (a), and meets the following predetermined relationship: 180 TMA ≥ 154, TMA TMB ≥ 10. Layer B comprises a biodegradable aliphatic polyester other than polylactic acid. Usage: it can be used for hot bending molded products such as sliding foaming containers, calendar supports and food containers. Advantages: the laminate has good heat resistance, bending moldability and excellent impact strength. 18. Title: decorative sheet for game machine source: JP (publication date: November 25, 2004, application date: May 2, 2003) Applicant: Mori mokko KK novelty of the invention: the decorative sheet has a transparent resin layer, and the haze value is ≤ 5 (according to Japanese Standard JIS k7105); The resin layer includes a polylactide based polymer and a biodegradable resin containing a biodegradable aliphatic polyester with a glass transition point ≤ 0 ℃. Usage: used for playing board of pinball game machine and drum surface of rotating barrel game machine. Advantages: the decorative board has high transparency, good appearance, environmental friendliness, and good impact strength and machinability

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