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Nxpsemiconductors (nxpsemiconductors) launched intelligent switches that support hdmi1.4 standards tda19997 and tda19998. Both components support the audioreturnchannel (ARC) function of hdmi1.4, which can reduce the number of cables that process and record the upstream transmission stream of audio. In addition, the two components also have hdmi3d function

audio return channel is a unique new function of hdmi1.4. It has remarkable characteristics such as low operating cost. It supports high-quality TVs that directly receive audio and video signals to send audio transmission streams to the amplification system through HDMI cables without additional cables. NXP tda19997 and tda19998 intelligent switches also integrate automatic adaptive equalizer, which can process up to four channels of hdmi1.4 input, and can automatically ensure the audio and video quality within the range of up to 30mhdmi cable

highly integrated design has brought a set of powerful solutions that have been studied by the industry. It not only saves external components, reduces material costs for TV manufacturers, but also brings high-quality audio-visual enjoyment to viewers. Tda19997 and tda19998 have five hdmi/vga EDID expandable projects built in, and are supported by high-voltage ESD protection

Denismarsault, the product line of NXP semiconductor media interface, said that by the end of this year, nearly 1billion sets of quasi HDMI ready systems will be shipped in the global market. With the audio return channel, high-quality TV users can enjoy slow response and high-quality sound effects without complicated cable connections

tda19998 smart switch adopts NXP patented technology F3 (high speed, high quality, high authenticity, fast, fairandfaithful) architecture, which can not only ensure the rapid switching of interfaces between HDMI devices, but also provide encrypted HDCP for the output to protect HDMI transmission stream. F3 architecture can also bring outstanding energy-saving effects to systems in operation and standby mode

NXP tda19997 and tda19998 are not only the second generation of NXP HDMI smart switches, but also the product series that can be greatly expanded in the digital home solution, which helps TV manufacturers expand their targets. With the continuous expansion of the demand for energy conservation and emission reduction of vehicles, the consumer group, including consumers who are most sensitive to price, to consumers who pay most attention to TV functions. Tda19997 and tda19998 are fully compatible with the previous generation of NXP smart switch pins, and bring unprecedented flexibility to TV manufacturers: whether in terms of price, function or energy consumption, they can meet the needs of end users, as well as the safety and performance requirements of TV program operators and content suppliers

at present, NXP can provide tda19997 engineering technology samples at any time. Tda19998 smart switch is expected to be launched in mid October 2009

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