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Coating consumption tax implied reshuffle integration and transformation and upgrading

coating consumption tax implied reshuffle integration and transformation and upgrading

May 20, 2015

[China coating information] coating downstream enterprises have to pay consumption tax. In recent days, the inner haze that coating enterprises want to rise but dare not speak out loudly has finally cleared the sky and benefited the wind

in the tempestuous waves of environmental protection law and consumption tax, Tu enterprises, door enterprises and furniture factories finally got on the same boat. It was no longer Tu enterprises that suffered from consumption tax on board. They wanted to rise but dared not say it out loud. Downstream enterprises watched fire from the shore, so they inadvertently put some harsh words of "if you dare to rise, I'll change suppliers" and occasionally knocked

the author believes that the consumption tax of paint is fermenting and the scope of consumption tax is expanding. Since it affects the downstream today, it will also affect the upstream tomorrow, and the threshold will continue to rise

this is a shuffle and an integration

this round of reshuffle will sweep the entire coating industry chain. Within ten years after the implementation of the coating consumption tax, that is, before 2025, the coating foam granulator enterprises and domestic enterprises will be eliminated by 20% or even 60% or 70%, which is not impossible

paint analyst Roger Carr told China paint news that reshuffle is only a process, integration is the result, transformation is the way out, upgrading is the purpose, and paint consumption tax is only a means of regulation

as the author wrote in last March, "paint tax comes out, small factories fall, big men reshuffle" and "who will become the washed card under four generations", the paint enterprises that can have the reshuffle qualification are always only a small part, and the vast majority of paint enterprises can only become a card on the card table. "

until the backward production capacity is eliminated and the overcapacity is eliminated, some tycoons are left to re integrate resources, annex enterprises with acquisition value, and enjoy national transformation subsidies. Of course, the funding source of this subsidy is likely to be the paint consumption tax collected by the state

Roger Carr told China paint news, "taking it from the industry, using it in the industry, helping the industry transform and upgrade, and improving the level of made in China are part of the implementation of Premier Li Keqiang's made in China 2025 plan, so the State Administration of Taxation dares to be tough on the consumption tax of paint in the wave after wave of industry opposition, and plans to expand the scope of tax collection and narrow the scope of exemption."

Premier Li Keqiang said in the government work report, "to implement 'made in China 2025, its manufacturing method is to mix porous media with phase change materials in molten state", adhere to innovation driven, intelligent transformation, strengthen the foundation, green development, and accelerate the transformation from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country. Take financial interest subsidies, accelerate depreciation and other measures to promote the technological transformation of traditional industries. "

the vast majority of Tu enterprises and home-owned enterprises that have no acquisition value, such as backward production capacity, product homogeneity, and poor awesome channels, will be eliminated. The situation of many small and medium-sized painting enterprises, as the author said in the "paint tax introduction, small factory fall, big guy reshuffle", will have to face the dilemma of "not getting rid of will devalue", "getting rid of but not willing"

even this dilemma is based on your acquisition value. If there is no acquisition value, there is no opportunity for the obvious dilemma of the overall slowdown in 2013. The only option is bankruptcy

for paint enterprises that are ready in terms of capital and team, and can rapidly expand through mergers and acquisitions, this is a good opportunity to bargain hunting. Listing will have more opportunities and means to expand. Being able to list is one of the most influential forums in the industry

China paint news hopes to find more national coating enterprises, whether private or state-owned, among these coating enterprises that integrate resources

levying paint consumption tax is a means, shuffling is only a process, and resource integration, technological transformation, transformation and upgrading are what made in China 2025 needs

this year is 2015, ten years away from made in China 2025. In other words, it is still ten years away from made in China 2025 in the coating industry. The author boldly predicts that it is not impossible for Tu enterprises and domestic enterprises to be eliminated by at least 20% or even 60% in the decade before 2025

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