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Out of stock! Resin, neopentyl glycol and titanium dioxide are in short supply

out of stock! Resin, neopentyl glycol and titanium dioxide are in short supply

December 03, 2020

yesterday (1st), Hengshui Huiyuan paint sent a letter saying that from December 1, the price of indoor powder will be increased by 1500 yuan/ton, and the price of outdoor powder will be increased by 1000 yuan/ton

previously, Ningbo Yinzhou Jiangshan Chaoyang plastic powder factory sent a letter, saying that since August, raw materials such as epoxy resin and polyester resin have continuously raised the price of this meeting, which is rich in content and out of stock, resulting in a substantial increase in the cost of powder coating raw materials. Today, we received a price adjustment notice from the product industry association, and after discussion, we decided to adjust the price of the product on the basis of breakeven. The new price will be implemented from December 1st, 2020

1. High gloss, sand grain, art powder: from 1000 yuan per ton

2. Matte powder: from 1500 yuan per ton

3. Matte powder: from 2000 yuan per ton

4. Outdoor powder: from 2000 yuan per ton

Huabang decorative materials Co., Ltd. sent a letter, saying that due to domestic and international factors in recent months, the rising cost of raw materials has increased by yuan/ton, which is far beyond its bearing capacity. It is decided that from December 1, 2020, the price of white outdoor products will increase by 1.5 yuan/kg on the original basis, and the price of other color outdoor products will increase by 1 yuan/kg on the original basis

according to the coating procurement, since the powder coating sent a letter to increase in October, dozens of enterprises have increased, and the reason is quite consistent - the cost of raw materials has increased. The rise in the price of raw materials in the second half of the year is no longer a new thing, but recently, many powder coating enterprises said that they encountered a worse thing - they could not buy the goods with money

polyester resin soared. Until next year, some powder coating enterprises said that polyester resin was the most "variable" in raw materials. Not only did the price soar, but the supply of goods was also very tight. At present, there was basically no spot goods, and they all had to arrange orders and wait for goods. After signing the contract and paying the deposit, we will "wait for good news". Basically, we have to queue up for a product that has been put into mass production by domestic key Pen Companies for more than months, that is, we will wait until next year. So what drives the crazy of polyester resin

affected by the epidemic at the beginning of the year, the market demand stagnated, but with the recovery of market demand, at the end of November, the accumulated inventory of the industry had fallen to less than 15000 tons, that is, the demand for polyester resin had been quickly repaired, which not only made up for the demand lost during the epidemic, but even increased significantly. During this period, the price of polyester resin also rose from 8000 yuan/ton to 12000 yuan/ton, an increase of 50%

supply exceeds demand, and the order of neopentyl glycol is scheduled to the end of December

neopentyl glycol, the upstream raw material of polyester resin, has risen rapidly since November. In November, Wanhua chemical neopentyl glycol increased six times, with a cumulative increase of 5300 yuan/ton, or 52.48%. In November, the production capacity of Asia except China was almost completely destroyed. In addition to the impact of the epidemic in the United States and Europe, the global NPG production capacity loss reached more than 200000 tons per year, accounting for more than 20%. The market gap widened rapidly, and the global supply and demand was seriously unbalanced. LG neopentyl glycol production line was shut down due to an accident, and the demand for neopentyl glycol at home and abroad turned to domestic enterprises such as Wanhua chemical. The factory production was in short supply. At present, the production scheduling has been scheduled until December

isobutyl alcohol hit a 7-year high, and the supply was insufficient

while isobutyraldehyde upstream of neopentyl glycol was also awesome. On November 30, the quotation of isobutyraldehyde was 12075 yuan/ton, up 156.91% from the low value of 4700 yuan/ton in the year, hitting a seven-year high. In November, the imported isobutyraldehyde was not replenished to China in time. Due to environmental protection reasons, the load of some butanol and octanol plants in Shandong Province was reduced or shut down, resulting in a substantial loss of isobutyraldehyde production capacity, making the originally tight supply situation worse. At the same time, recently, Jianlan unit and Qilu Petrochemical reduced production due to weather warnings, and Shandong Lihua unit shut down for maintenance, resulting in insufficient supply of isobutyraldehyde

titanium dioxide kicked off the eighth round of price increases, and orders have been placed until January next year.

titanium dioxide enterprises rushed to send letters to increase prices in the second half of the year, making downstream customers from "surprised" to feel "ordinary", and then after 60 years of development, they suffered this reality. Yesterday (December 1), Yunnan daxiaotong titanium industry sent a letter, saying that from December 1, rutile series products and anatase series products will be increased by 800 yuan/ton at the same time on the basis of the original price, and the export price will be increased by 100 dollars/ton (about 658 yuan/ton) on the basis of the original price

the issuance of this price increase letter officially kicked off the eighth round of price increase in titanium dioxide industry in 2020

leading titanium dioxide enterprises such as fannengtuo, Komo, tenor and Connors also rushed to send letters, saying that their product prices would be increased since January 1, 2021

some powder enterprises said that the price of titanium dioxide has been high, but because they have to buy it, they can only "bite the bullet". A powder coating enterprise said that it purchased hundreds of tons of titanium dioxide and thousands of tons of polyester resin in November. Although it started early, it still needs to wait for orders. It is expected that this situation will continue. It is better to stock up now if conditions permit

at the beginning of the month, the quotation of rutile titanium dioxide was around yuan/ton, which was significantly higher than the average price of 15000 yuan/ton in 2019. According to insiders, longmang Bailian plans to overhaul the devices in Sichuan base in December for a period of 12 days, with an estimated output loss of about 8000 tons; In addition, Shandong Dongjia also plans to carry out maintenance in December for a period of days. The specific maintenance scale is uncertain, and the output loss is expected to be tons. In addition, major manufacturers in East China also intend to carry out device maintenance in winter, but the time has not been determined yet

at present, titanium dioxide manufacturers still have a large number of orders to be issued. Even if they do not receive new orders now, they will not be delivered until January 2021. The number of export orders of individual manufacturers is huge, and they will not be delivered until February. Although the downstream start-up decreased in winter, under the current spot supply situation, the seller is also dominant in winter, and the price of titanium dioxide remains high

to sum up, under the current tight supply and high cost, titanium dioxide manufacturers still have the intention and demand to increase. It is expected that major manufacturers will take the lead in raising prices in December, and other small and medium-sized manufacturers will follow up. Titanium dioxide manufacturers have tight inventory, some prices are still rising, and downstream orders are cautious. The organization expects that there will be large factory maintenance at the end of the year, the raw material price is high, and the titanium dioxide price will continue to operate at a high level. Since September, the price of titanium dioxide has increased by more than 3000 yuan/ton, and it is expected to catch up with 500-800 yuan/ton in December

chemical raw materials are basically "racing" on the way to rise. Soft foam polyether has reached a new high in 12 years, propylene oxide has reached a new high in 14 years, dimethyl carbonate has reached a new high in 3 years, lithium hexafluorophosphate has stopped reporting to the outside world, which can measure the yield strength and other functional prices of materials... This situation of imbalance between supply and demand, coupled with artificial "adding fuel to the fire", makes people complain more. Everyone says that the cost is high and the loss is large, and the quality can be guaranteed only by raising the price. At this time, it is abnormal not to raise the price. In addition to the huge variables at the crude oil end, the counterattack of the overseas epidemic, the crazy trend of freight in maritime shipping, and the return of foreign trade export orders have all contributed to the current rise in raw materials. Industry insiders predict that the current economic situation will not only bring about price increases, but also bring many unexpected consequences. At present, the scheduling of raw materials until the Spring Festival next year is no longer new, and the situation next year may be more unimaginable

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