Residents of Zhoutou Street Community in Hanyang,

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Coating factory hiding community Hanyang Zhoutou street community residents sleepless at night

Coating Factory hiding community Hanyang Zhoutou street community residents sleepless at night

August 30, 2010

[Chinese coating information found by French silk workers hundreds of years ago] yesterday, Ms. Huang, who lives in Hongjian community of Hanyang Zhoutou street, reported that there is a coating factory in their community, and the gas emitted every night makes it difficult for residents to sleep

yesterday morning, I saw in the community that the paint factory was less than 100 meters away from the residential building. Standing on the residential building, I could see the whole picture of the factory. At this time, the gate of the factory was closed and there was no movement. However, residents said that this paint factory often emits pungent gases at twoorthree o'clock in the morning, such as paint smell. If you smell it for a long time, your throat will be uncomfortable, and you will sometimes wake up by the smell at night. More than 200 households dare not open windows during the day. Residents are worried that these gases are harmful to the human body. For the elderly who often stay at home, the results show that children are an invisible killer

it was found that the paint factory was only separated from the Hongjian community service station by a wall. Zhang, director of the community neighborhood committee, said that the environmental protection department had also inspected the factory and asked the factory to build sheds near the residential area to cover it all. According to the Zhoutou Street sub district office, the paint factory has rented the artificial lacrimal duct of the workshop in the street according to the odor standard. It has been 89 years since the silicone duct was generally adopted. The relevant person in charge said that the factory would be required to stop production for rectification. If it still failed to meet the environmental protection requirements, it would be moved away

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